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"du hast mich" is it true that its also a slang for "you have my dick"?


"you have my d ick"

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    Du hast mich = you have me

    Du hattest mich = you had me

    Du hasst mich = you hate me

    du = you (in informal form)

    hast = have (verb inflected due to 'du')

    hattest = had (verb inflected due to 'du')

    mich = 'me' in English, accusative form of Ich

    Or, you can say

    Ich habe dich

    'I have you'

    Ich hatte dich

    'I had you'

    Ich = I

    habe = have (verb inflected due to 'ich')

    hatte = have (verb inflected due to 'ich')

    dich = 'you', in accusative form

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    No, it's not! Actually, if it's the song I'm thinking (Rammstein, most likely.) They're saying 'Du. Du hast. Du Hast Mich.' Which is 'You. You hate. You hate me.'

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    du hast mich = you've got me! Nothing else.

    What lolzomgn wrote is wrong. What he meant is:

    du hasst mich = you hate me.

    but Rammstein don't sing/mean that.

    du. du hast. du hast mich = you. you have. you have got me!

    sorry, no dick, no hate ;-)

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    du hast mich: you have me or you got me

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  • 1 decade ago

    It means you have me. When spoken it could mean you hate me or you have me. You need to follow the context.

  • 1 decade ago

    no.... lol


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