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Auditions and cast callings!!!!?

I wish to find a real place where they don't ask for money, and i can set up a profile for cast callers, filmakers, and producers to look and and judge to ask me for an audition. My goal is to be a real time actress, not a back ground person. Any sites???


wheres the warner bro. inc at???? i live in ohio and i doubt there is a place here!

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    hmm..i think i know one. its not a site.

    its a place. its the warner bros. company. i accompanied someone who is signed to my dad's company there for his record signing.i decided to roam around since we wouldn't meet at the car for 3 hrs. i came across this stage and a door beside it. there was this sign taped to the door: dear staff, pilot episode of "teen drama" will be delayed until march 25,2008 due to the quiting of lead character "Charlotte" please inform audience that auditions for lead character will be set on dec 13-19 2007."

    i think what they wanted was for someone to read 3 lines in the pilot episode for should try it.

    get the manuscript of the season one on the customer service booth in the entrance of warner bros. inc. maybe they'll want you.

    oh,and they wanted someone aged 14-18

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