r we drifting apart?

my bff (of 17 yrs.;were both 18) has been getting on my nerves. this has been like this 4 about 3 years now. basically since we started high school. our views on things r different now. i am more open minded & mellowed about certain topics.when certain topics come up & we talk about it, she acts childish & i can't talk 2 her about it. like homosexuality & interacial relationships.some times i can not stand being in the same room w/ her.& now days i rather spend time w/ someone else then w/ her. r we really drifting apart?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    more then likely u r and thats not a bad thing u two r growing up and noone always see eye to eye it may just b time for u two to grow out of each other it maybe better this way you r still young and there is a whole world out there and if u break it off now u maybe able to remain friends this way u can always talk and give each other advice and noones feelings r hurt

  • 1 decade ago

    yes you are and so does everyone drift apart the only thing that will keep a woman with the same man is security money its a shame but thats the way it is sorry.

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    1 decade ago

    it's up to u guys if u r drifting apart or not. but it does sound like u guys r... im very sorry tho. it's always hard to loose someone! maybe try to push through it, maybe she will change, maybe u will change, it's somehing eveyone does (change). talk to her and tell her that u feel like u r drifting apart and u want to keep a her as a friend cuz u can neva have toooooo many friends! see wat she says and improvise with anything she says. dont loose her... u mite regret it!

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