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A standing order rental payment of $78000 had been paid by the bank on 29 June.However,this payment did not appear in the cash book.




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  • 1 decade ago
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    如果這 standing order 是由你/你的公司發出, 那入賬要:

    Dr Rent Paid Account (Expenses Account)

    Cr Cash Book

    Standing Order 是預先向銀行發出的指令, 要銀行在指定日期交租金, 所以你只會收到bank statement 後才見到此交易, 所以未入cash book, 當做bank reconciliation statement 時會發現此問題, 只要更正cash book即可.

    但題目的29 Jun 不明白, Sorry

  • 1 decade ago

    standing order(定期支付的expense),積係你要比$$出去

    而家佢只係冇appear in the cash book

    只改cash bk

    係cash bk Cr.(由於佢係expense,你要比$$,$$少左,就Cr.)

    個名寫standing order

    Source(s): myself
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