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Passive voice問題

my mobile is stolen, so I couldn’t contact you


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    I think this sentece could have two answers:

    My mobile had be stolen, so I couldn't contact you. (Because the mobile was stolen before the movement that u couldn't contact him.)

    My mobile was stolen, so i couldn't contact you. (I assume that the mobile was the stolen by the time 'I' tried to contact 'u')

    Another way is: I couldn't contact u because my mobile was/had been stolen.

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    my mobile was stolen/ had been stolen, so I couldn’t contact you.

    有2個答案(past tense/ past perfect tense)

    因動作已完全,不能用進行式 was being stolen

    had be stolen(Grammar 錯)

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    my mobile was being stolen, so, I could not contact you. I guess you have to be consistent with the use fo tense

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    偷左, 是過去


    唔係 is

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