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我想問關於business communication功課既問題


但我諗唔到有咩生活例子..有無人可以幫下我呢?thank you!

inappropriate message

inappropriate channel

inappropriate word choice

non-verbal communication

different cultural background

receiver not interested

inadequate feedback

lack of courtesy by receiver or sender

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    inappropriate message

    -when you watch tv..there are some advertisments or things you learned from dramas that is a bad influence to you (for example, violence is the answer to problems or drinking alcohol and getting drunk will make you forget everything)..these are inappropriate messages

    non-verbal communication

    -body gestures (how you look at a person, how you stand, do your eyes look at the person when they are talking, are you hands playing around with your pen when you listen in class)

    hope u can understand these stuff..or u can contact me through e-mail and i'll translate them in chinese

    inadequate feedback

    -you get an assignment back but all you see is that you get a B- mark and the teacher doesn't write comments as to what mistakes u made and what you need to work on

    Source(s): myself - canadian university student
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