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How to let sentences direct???

How to let sentences more directly???

How to put the position of the word in the bracket? And why it have to put like that?

1. If I lived abroad, I'd miss my friends.(definitely)

2. I wouldn't miss the food.(to be honest)

3. I'd enjoy learning a new language.(certainly)

4. Shopping would be a challenge.(certainly)

5. I wouldn't be homesick.(to tell you the truth)

6. I wouldn't enjoy living in a different culture.(honestly)

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    1. If I lived abroad, I'd definitely miss my friends.(definitely修飾動詞miss,置於助動詞和動詞之間)假如我旅居海外,我絕對會想念我的朋友。

    2.To be honest, I wouldn't miss the food.(修飾全句,置於句首)老實說,我不懷念那兒的食物。

    3. I'd certainly enjoy learning a new language.Certainly修飾enjoy這個動詞,因為本句用了助動詞would,一般習慣把修飾動詞的副詞置於助動詞和修飾的動詞之間。我當然樂於學習新語言

    4. Certainly, shopping would be a challenge.

    Shopping certainly would be a challenge.

    Shopping would certainly be a challenge.(


    5. To tell you the truth,I wouldn't be homesick.修飾全句,置於句首。坦白說,我並沒有思鄉病

    6.Honestly, I wouldn't enjoy living in a different culture.修飾全句,置於句首(老實說,我並不喜歡生活在不同的文化之中)

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