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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 decade ago

does anyone know about Dr. Thomas Walker?

he is my great grandfathers great grandfathers great grandfather. is it true that he was married to the cousin of George Washington and was the guardian of Thomas Jefferson?

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    The family of Dr. Thomas Walker came from England to America and settled near Jamestown, Virginia, about 1650, the first place of that name in this country. Major, Thomas Walker of Jamestown was distinguished as a public official and as Commander of a unit in several Indian wars.

    Dr. Thomas Walker was born in King and Queen County, Virginia, Jan. 25, 1715. After the death of his father, who was a physician, he moved to Williamsburg and resided with his sister, whose husband was a physician. While at Williamsburg, he attended William and Mary College, majoring in English and mathematics; later he studied medicine and surgery and soon thereafter began to practice in Fredericksburg, Virginia. About 1741 he was married to Mrs. Mildred Thornton Merriwether, a relative of George Washington, and moved to Albemarle County, Virginia, were he acquired a large track of land and built his beautiful home called Castle Hill, located not far from Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson, and Ash Lawn, the home of President James Monroe.

    As physician for Peter Jefferson, father of Thomas Jefferson, Dr. Walker attended him in his last sickness and was requested by Peter Jefferson to become executor of the Jefferson estate, which Dr. Walker excepted, and later he was also appointed guardian of Thomas Jefferson until Thomas became 21 years of age.

    Dr. Walker became one of the most famous and successful physicians and surgeons of Colonial Days. Moreover, he engaged in business, especially in real estate and the business of importing goods from foreign countries, and partnership with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and others, which he carried on for a number of years successfully. In addition to his real estate and importing business, he was a big farmer, Orchardist is, builder, surveyor of land and civil engineer. Dr. Walker fought in the Indian wars as well as the revolutionary war under General Washington. From time to time he was elected to public office and served as a member of the legislative body of Virginia and also as delegate to the National Congress. He was a contemporary and associate through the years of Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, Patrick Henry and most of the founding fathers. He was a man of studious nature, of great learning and ability, and engaged in many important affairs, both public and private, before and after the great exploration of 1750.

    When it was discovered that the French were inciting the Indians on the northwest to drive at the English settlers, a movement was started by Washington and others to found a settlement and fortification far out in the wilderness of the northwest to give protection to Virginia, and in following up this movement Dr. Walker was selected to form the expedition and conduct the exploration into Kentucky and the far Western wilderness. This he excepted, invited a number of strong, fearless men to meet at his home for discussion of the expedition, and from the group selected Ambrose Powell, William Tomlinson, Colby Chew, Henry Lawless and John Hughes, than whom there were no better or braver pioneers in all America. The day was set and everything arranged to take off from Castle Hill, home of Dr. Walker.

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