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Which Game???

for my new 360

- Gears of War

- Halo 3

- Bio Shock

- Guitar hero 3

- Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

- Assasin's Creed

- Rainbow 6: Vegas

- Dead Rising


Leaning towards either Gears of War, Halo 3, or Call of Duty 4

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    GOW: this game set a graphical standerd and is fun. But I would rather rent then buy. The replay value is not that high and the Multiplayer was a let down. Campiagn was legnthy and great and is the main thrust of the package. Storyline was also great. Its the Halo of TPS

    Halo 3: Halo 2 was a game people still play today, and Halo 3 wil be no different. The storyline is great and the ending will be great (stay after credits). Muitiplayer is a blast, and the replay value is so high, Master chief will still teabag by 2011. Forge and the Video editor is great for machima and adds to the replay value. This is not a Halo 2.5

    Bioshock: This is an innovative game. I played the demo and it was enticing for me to buy the game. But this is a rent game. Its just not that long enough for me to buy. But plasmids, Big Daddys, and a great storyline makes this a must-play

    GH3: This is the best Guitar Hero out of the series. It has the best soundtrack, high replayability. DLC will come. Graphics auck, but it is Guitar hero, and nothing gets better then Guitar Hero.

    COD4: If there is a Fps that rivals Halo, it will be COD4. The Campaign is short, which is not good. Ai isn't the best either. But the multiplayer rocks and the beta was the best I have ever played. If you won't get Halo, get COD4

    AS: This is a stealth game that will rock the socks off people. Jumping on buildings, killing people at will, and great graphics makes this a must have game

    R6V: This was the game for people to play while the big games were in the making. Personally, I didn't like the demo that much. I would throw this out of the lot.

    DR: This was an innovative game. As yoyu go throught the zombie infested mall, you will kill with teddy bears, shower heads, and chainssaws. This isa a game.

    For my picks, It would be Halo, COD4, or AS for a first game. GOW wasn't a great game, R6V wasn't appealing. and GH3 isn't a first game material. Bio shock is a great game. It is a must rent and DR is a must rent too. But if I had to pick one it would be Halo 3.

    But I seen more games that look good enough for a look. Please consider the following

    Mass effect

    Orange Box

    GRAW 2 (Ghost reacon, advanced warfighter)

    NROTN( Naruto, rise of the ninja)

    Rock Band

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    ALL;) Id say Halo 3 or Call of duty 4

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    It matter what you like.

    If you want a shooter then halo 3 or Call of Duty 4.

    Bioshock is pretty good but the other too are better for online if you plan to purchase Xbox Live. Guitar hero 3 is pretty fun but I wouldnt buy it as my first game for a console.

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    Halo 3!

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    They are all great games. I have 5 out of the 8, and the only one I haven't played is Assassin's Creed. If I had to recommend one, I would say Halo 3.

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    Depends on your taste. Halo 3 is great. COD4 is great. Gears is good.

    BioShock is a rental.

    Rainbow 6 is a one to look for used.

    GH3 is awesome if you like that type of game.

    I had high hopes for dead rising, but it was a terrible game to play.

    Looking forward to assassin's creed, but may rent it first.

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    Halo 3, simple to use and fuuuuuuuun.

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    gears of war or bioshock

    trust me halo 3 aint that good

  • 3 years ago

    Yahoo video games has a great determination of on line video games you could play with human beings. For video games you could play on my own, facebook has multiple good ones like Bejeweled, Peggle, and Tetris.

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    I would go with assasin's Creed, becuase it looks and plays awesome.

    But Call of Duty 4 is also a great game, becuase you can use perks (Special Powers), and it's fun for online.

    And Guitar Hero 3, becuase it's so fun and addictive, you can challenge your friends on Co-Op one can play as main and tyhe other as bass.

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