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Are aliens among us ?

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    I am pretty old.

    I have study on lots of things.

    I am bored with nearly everything here on Earth now--I know how that sounds, I am merely being honest.

    Your question is all that I think about (with vigor) these days.

    I could write and write and write here...but I will save myself the finger work and direct you to type in "Fermi Paradox" in your search box and start there--read everything you can find.

    The Fermi Paradox is the last game in town--for old bored geezers like me.

    Fermi's question goes something like this--"If the galaxy is teeming with aliens and intelligent beings, then where are they?"

    Believe me, this is more than just a good question.

    I can save you some time by giving you the major, most significant stats:

    The universe is estimated to be around 13.8 billion years old.

    Heavy elements for planets suitable for life and life are available very early on--within half billion years of the beginning (and getting earlier and earlier with further understanding). So other, alien life "could have" started as early as 13.3 billion years ago right here in our galaxy. Intelligence took around 3.8 billion years to evolve here on earth--we unjustifiably use this as average time to evolve intelligence throughout the universe. In our galaxy alone there are some 400 billion stars--do they all have planets with life and intelligent life? No way--lets clive that number WAY down to, say, 10,000. Using earth as sole example again, some very smart people have calculated that it would take a civilization [like ours] anywhere from 10-100 million years to colonize the entire galaxy.

    Do you see what Fermi saw?

    If they could have been here, "alive," for 13.3 billion years, and intelligent for 9.5 (13.3 minus 3.8) billion years, and it only takes them 10-100 million years to colonize the entire galaxy? And there have been as many as 10,000 chances to do so??????????????????????????

    Aliens should be absolutely EVERYWHERE in our galaxy!

    But they quite "apparently" are not everywhere, neither here nor out there, in the large numbers that the stats would suggest...

    It is the last fun thinking game in town, for me. And one that "can" and likely WILL be resolved someday (soon?).

    Go read about it. Some (we) people have thought a great deal about this question, there are many very interesting possibilities.

    My bet so far? The GREAT GREAT distance between stars is ALWAYS or VERY NEARLY always a VERY difficult problem to overcome, relative to species (alien) survival. But "some" could have overcome the distance problem--they "could be among us." We don't know for sure.

    I know this answer is too long (very few will read it through and I could care less about the scoring stuff), but I hope it helped--the Fermi Paradox is where its at! I hope you become addicted to it like I have, it is a good addiction to have, healthy for the brain!!!!

    I think just thinking about these questions--your question and Fermi's question--shows that one cares about...everything... even boring old planet Earth--which I do still care about, by the way.

    (spellcheck won't work and I can't proof read my own stuff, sorry for any/all mistakes)

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    I wonder if someone might develop a "reverse Turing test" that could be used not to identify computers mimicking humans, but to identify aliens "playing dumb" Or perhaps we could take a lesson from Phillip K. Dick who wrote about the problem people who have identifying human-like androids. In his book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" ( the book that the movie "Blade Runner" was based on) he fantasized about using a test of empathy, an emotional response an android could not mimic perfectly, as a way to identify a non-human. It is kind of a pointless thought experiment, though. I agree with the guy above and the methane molecule comment.

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    The possibilities for life other than our own are infinite. There are many other civilizations. The real question is are they advanced enough to reach us. Given the probabilities, I would have to say that they are here in some form or another and they could possibly be time travelers that are arranging for us to ripen the planet for a future invasion...I just thought about that.

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    there r 2 completely different answers to this. 1 is no. 2 is yes. there is proof. 4 no, there is no water or sources of water in other planets. yes well thats just beliefs. i say i dont know!

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    Depends, do you mean aliens from outer space or from mexico

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    Certainly. I think a number of them use Yahoo Answers.

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    you mean like little green men?

    do you believe in the Easter Bunny, too?

    if there is intelligent life anywhere else in the universe (a concept i am not completely sold on), they are certainly inaccessible to us.

    worry about something real, like 'do you have enough air in your car's tires?'

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    Yes, they cut my grass and do my snow blowing.

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    Yes and many are illeagle.

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    yes the universe is to big for use to be alone

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