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Sidekick LX or Sidekick 3??? SIDEKICK USERS ONLY!!!?

I REALLY want a Sidekick. Right now I have a crappy flip phone. It sucks. I don't want a Sidekick Slide because I really like the flip thing. I don't want a Sidekick ID either because it doesn't have a camara or a lot of other features. I don't think that the Sidekick 2 is still on sale unless I get it on ebay or something. That leaves the Sidekick LX and the Sidekick 3. Please tell me what features the Sidekick LX, the Sidekick 3, and the Sidekick 2. Also how good is the graphics and stuff on each. I also need to know what costs extra and how much extra. Tell me the good and bad for each phone. Does fav five cost extra. I also have to have some ways to make money. I am only 10 so I can't get a real job yet. Give me some plans that are cheap and good.

PLEASE don't say "who cares" or "obbssed". Nothing negitive please. I hate that. If you don't know how to answer, don't. I don't want to read a bunch of crap.

Thanks so much!!!


I live in America so Americans only please.

Thanks again.

P.S. Don't say "I'm too young to have a phone. Especially a Sidekick."

Update 2:

Please tell how much total the plans will cost

Update 3:

Tell me which phone u think is the best for the price it's at.


Update 4:

Tell me how much each phone costs please!!!

Thanks again!!!

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    Well, let's first clear a few things up with buying a Sidekick.

    Right now, from the choices you have, you can only buy a Sidekick LX directly from T-Mobile. Anything other than that would have to be through eBay, and you never really know what you get through eBay.

    The Sidekick 2 is probably the worst of them all. The camera is mediocre, and the interface is weak. It's bulky, and the graphics are not the best I have seen on a phone. It's a very slow phone is terms of data connection, and it takes so much longer to load a website on the Sidekick 2 versus the 3 or LX. If you buy one from eBay, expect to pay up to $200, or $300 for a limited edition.

    The Sidekick 3 is an improvement, but if one had a Sidekick 2 before, they would have done better to hold out til the LX. The interface is nicer, and look sort of like the iD's. It does have a decent camera, but don't expect to be taking world class photos on it. You probably will find one on eBay for around $150-$200, or up to $300 for a limited edition.

    The Sidekick LX is hands down the best of them all right now. The camera is still the same, but the screen is brighter, and bigger. The interface is nice, and more refined, and it's a pretty nice phone. This is the only Sidekick with picture text messaging (MMS) so far, and I have used one and I like it more than my SK3. Expect to pay $299 with a contract when buying it direct from T-Mobile.

    When you buy a Sidekick, you are automatically signed up for the Sidekick unlimited services ($20/month with a voice plan, $30/month for data only). These services include Unlimited Text Messaging, Internet browsing, Instant Messaging, and Email Access.

    If you are looking for a Data Only plan, it will cost you $30 a month to get the Sidekick Unlimited services. Outgoing calls will be barred, only 911 emergency can work as a call.

    If you are looking for a voice plan, expect to pay about $60-$70 per month with myFaves. The base plan for myFaves starts at around $40 per month without taxes. Nights and Weekends are free, as are calls to your favorite five people. With the Sidekick Unlimited Add-on, it will cost you an extra $20 per month.

    If you do not want myFaves, you can pick up a basic voice plan, which starts at $30 per month. This includes 300 minutes and unlimited weekends. Once you upgrade to 600 minutes ($40/month) you get unlimited Nights and Weekends. Please do note that these plans do not include myFaves.

    Prices for plans depend on how many minutes you need, and what area you live in. The minimum for a myFaves plan is $40, and can go up to $140 depending on how many minutes you want. For basic plans, they start at $30, and can go up to $130. This DOES NOT include Tax or the Sidekick Unlimited service.

    So all in all, I think that the Sidekick LX is worth the money. It's new, hip, and very chic. Although the price tag is high, generally a Sidekick takes a bit of time before jumping down $100 in price. My suggestion for you right now if you can wait, is hold off until the Sidekick LX is $199 with a two year contract.

    I hope this helps in making your decision~!


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    I live in Australia, so the best I can tell you is that the Sidekick 3 is avaliable here from the Telstra shop on a $30 plan. I'm not sure about anywhere else but I imagine it would all be fairly similar. The minimum cost all up for the phone when calls and messages is calculated is upwards of $1400 AUD.

    The Sidekick 3 has features such as an MP3 player, instant messaging, a camera, games, email, internet browsing and more. The other one you said isn't avaliable in Australia, so I don't know.

    Personally I don't think anyone under 12 should have a moblie, let alone one as advanced as a sidekick. Maybe you should just stick with what you have for now. There are plenty of other good phones out there.

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    I have one and it's given me nothing but problems!! I love my Sidekick 3, but I hate ALL of the problems it's given me over the past year...

    I've had problems with the trackball sticking, the camera is HORRIBLE, the resolutions is terrible, sometimes the keygaurd/screen saver doesn't ever come on when it is supposed to and my battery dies in 3 hours, and it can't send picture messages either. And if you drop it, you might as well buy a new phone because chances are there will be permanent damage. Not to mention i don't receive all of my call, texts and emails sometimes too...

    and besides no offense but you're only 10?

    Most kids don't even get A cell phone until their like 14/15...

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    I have sidekick 2 that I am selling for $80. I'm not sure if you can have fave fives on the sidekick 2or not. for plans and rates you can look on The only problem with my sidekick is the the "v" button is missing {you can buy a replacement keboard} and there are a couple of scratches on the screen. If you want to know more e-mail me at

    to see pics of my phone go here:


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    sidekick lx is tha best!

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    get the lx its cheaper

  • SKLX

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