chat rooms?

I need to find free chatroooms where i can make freinds .I am married and a stay at home mom so i want someone i can chat with prefferably women .

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    See if you like any of these: (a directory of chat rooms on a variety of topics for a variety of people) (list of chat rooms)

    If you look up "chat directory" a variety of interesting links appear--some worthwhile, some not. Yahoo actually has a chat room directory that is easy to use.

    One time I clicked on "adult chat" and got WAAAay more than I bargained for! They mean adult as in X-rated. Pretty funny, but not exactly what trying to find. Good luck! It will be nice for you to meet other moms just like you.

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    some strange people on chat rooms and it is unregulated ( with a few exceptions). I would try to join some social activity outside the home to meet friends and then use email/social networking software like facebook to chat with those person only ( and make sure you set the security settings property). The problem with chat rooms is you have no idea of the background of that person?

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    just becareful if you plan to go to the chat

    I never go there..

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    Try these:

    Good luck!

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