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Really self-conscious about being uncircumcised?

Do girls really find an uncircumcised penis to be reallly gross?

Im really nervous for when a girl sees that I am uncircumcised. I m hoping she wont be freaked out, or laugh at me. What doy ou think


Just say you were with a guy you liked and you saw his penis for the first time and he was uncircumcised..would you laugh? would you refuse to do anything with it?

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    Well, I'm similar to you, but I'm 18. I really think you're worrying too much. Trust me, if you feel insecure about something, you will feel bad or really shy about it. On the other side, if you have confidence in yourself, you'll feel okay with it. Take into consideration all the benefits that you have, too. Also take into consideration that circumcision isn't almost universal like it was a few decades ago. Your parents didn't circumcise you for a reason, either because they didn't want to put you through the pain or force a permanent surgery onto you... perhaps your dad wished he was uncircumcised. Circumcision also has disadvantages; it's not all benefits. For instance, you shouldn't try to hide the fact that you're uncircumcised. At most, some guys may ask about it. All guys are born that way, and it may even cause them to research into it (circumcision rates have fallen drastically, after all).

    The USA is the last developed nation doing circumcision on a significant scale without medical or religious reasons. That means Europe and Japan (and Latin America and China, for that matter) don't circumcise. Circumcision rates in Australia and Canada are low, and in Africa... it varies by nation/tribe. Here's a worldwide map that gives you a general idea of where circumcision is common:

    In the United States, circumcision rates vary by state, race... and other factors, like the year you were born. For the most part, the West Coast has the lowest circumcision rates, with some states as low as 14% now. Compare that to national circumcision rates being around 90% back in the 1960s and 70s. US data:

    When erect they look very similar since the foreskin slides back. On the other hand, consider the advantages that you have.

    The lubricated foreskin (on the inside... like your eyelids) slides up and down during sex and masturbation to stimulate the head.

    Studies have found that circumcision reduces sensitivity (this article also mentions how it has lost popularity in the USA in recent times):,2933,285532,00.html

    And despite being more sensitive, you still last in the same six minute range (average) that circumcised guys do:

    Makes masturbation more difficult:

    Which makes sense, that's how it was made popular in the USA:

    Increases erectile dysfunction rates:

    And yes, girls might be a little surprised at first (depending on where you live) but in the end everything should be okay. Just about everyone is a little surprised at something they're not used to. Here's one example:;_ylt=AvFBr...

    Source(s): Source: You can research more above in that link; you should, since it's a permanent surgery. And feel free to write to me via e-mail if you have any questions (via my profile).
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    I've neverr been with a circumcised guy. I think circumcised looks a bit weird because there's some missing, intact (uncircumcised) is natural. This is the general opinion in most of the world (where around 80% of men are uncircumcised) it's just in the US people are weird about it. However, even in the US, specially in younger guys and on the West Coast, being intact is pretty normal. It would be a really mean, superficial and ignorant girl who would care if you were uncircumcised. Just make sure it's clean (which a circumcised guy should do anyway). Studies show that being intact is better for pleasure for both partners. You'll be fine, just don't worry about it. And if anyone does laugh, just up and move to the UK or Canada or Australia or somewhere. Have fun.

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    Judging by the questions, and responses, on Y!A on this topic, I'd say it's the circumcised guys who are more self conscious. If you think about it, they are the unnatural ones, and on a world wide basis, they are the minority, only about 15% of guys are circumcised. I see that circumcised guys from the USA seem to think that they are a majority, but that's only in their small part of the world, and the rates are dropping. In 2009, the USA rates were down to around 33%. With insurance companies refusing to pay for cosmetic surgery, and parents being able to discover the truth about circumcision, the rates are set to drop even more. I can't think of any situation where a guy with a normal body would feel insecure, but I do know that a lot of circumcised guys are fully aware that they not complete, and try to make up excuses for their inadequacies.

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    Okay I am a pro with this one. Girls are weird seriously. I am married to a guy from Ireland but I was born in the US. May I also note I am a hottie! He is uncircumsized and I love him and his penis. It really looks the same when it is erect and the foreskin is back. I don't get why it makes a difference. I happy to know that he is very sensitive when we have sex. I would never want him to cut off his forskin. It does have to be washed very well, I have noticed a sweaty smell if he doesn't fully pull back the forskin during a shower and I know drying it afer the shower helps too. I feel bad that I circumsezed my son now. Why don't we just leave babys penises the way they are intended. I think uncut guys are the BEST!

    Source(s): uncut admirer
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    No. They probably won't. Is your father uncircumcised? If so, your mother married him and they produced you and if you have brothers or sisters, she gave birth to them. If you keep yourself really clean under your foreskin when you shower and about 12 hours later also wash again inside your foreskin with warm water and a mild soap. No decent girl will reject you even if many girls in the USA expect to see a circumcised penis.

    One thing you could do is to retract your foreskin, and learn to keep it that way every day. That is what most Japanese male adolescents learn to do. Besides when it is erect you will look circumcised anyway. Of course if this is a real issue talk to your dad about it. Eventually you may wish to get circumcised since most guys in our country are.

  • Kate
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    No it doesn't bother me one bit. My husband is uncircumcised and it's totally cool. He even has this neat party trick that he does with his foreskin, but I won't go into detail lol.

    And this is coming from someone with a jewish background where all the males in the family were circumcised at birth.

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    Most women don't care, and if you happen to stumble upon an ignorant girl who does, don't hate your foreskin because of it, hate the girl.

    Your body is perfectly complete and normal, you have NOTHING to feel self-conscious about. Plenty of uncircumised men have sex and get married everyday. In fact, the majority of men all over the world are not circumcised. It's only the USA, Israel, Africa, the Phillipines and Muslim countries where the majority of boys are circumcised.

  • aqx99
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    I was with my first ever uncircumcised guy earlier this year. I wasn't disgusted or anything like that. I was a bit nervous, but he showed me what to do and it was all good.

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    Don't worry about it. Most won't care. However I'll admit that since I had two circumcized boyfriends before, I thought I wouldnt like uncircumcized guys, but now my third boyfriend is uncircumcized and I like it a lot. It shouldnt be much of an issue and if it is youre with the wrong gal. and from my experience both last about the same. although I will say I do like playing with his foreskin since it seems to pleasure him a lot during foreplay

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    im not sure coz im not a girl, but i will tell you that if the girl you're with at the time sees it and refuses to have sex with you or complains about it for simply having a piece of skin that some other men don't have, you shouldnt really be with her in the first place.

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