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Joan of arc?

My history class is staging a mock joan of arc trial I am the head prossecutioner. Does anyone have any dirt on joan or anything else that would help my case


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    The articles in the above webpage will help you...

    One for example is accusations of witchcraft.

    In her childhood, she was not instructed in the beliefs and principles of our Faith; but by certain old women she was initiated in the science of witchcraft, divination, superstitious doings, and magical arts. Many inhabitants of these villages have been known for all time as using these kinds of witchcraft: Jeanne had herself said that she learned from several, notably from her godmother, many things touching her visions and the apparitions of fairies; through others also, she had been penetrated by the detestable and pernicious errors of these evil spirits - so much so, that, in these interrogations before you, she had confessed that even now she did not know if these fairies were evil spirits or not.

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    I looked at the other answers and they are good ones. I first thought that they had all about covered it when I remembered that hearing voices made her vulnerable in another way.

    One of the foundations of the Church has always been the principle that the clergy are our intermediary with God. If Joan was claiming to speak to God or St. Michael, or St. Margaret or Saint Catherine, she was claiming that she didn't need the clergy to communicate with the divine. That would make her either a saint or a heretic.

    I have a link to the New Advent page on Jeanne, and it says there that, before she was sent to command troops for Charles VII, she was examined at Poitiers by theologians who found nothing heretical in her visions. However, the minutes of this examination were never admitted in her trial, despite her appeals that they could be.

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    She was a young woman in mens armor rallying the French on the edge of total defeat in the hundred years war. She may have been St. Joan or she may simply have been nuts, but she did claim to hear voices in her head. She was accused of witchcraft, anything out of the ordinary could be back then...She was a prisoner of the English, her countries enemies. She was hated by them and feared. And finally she was basically a political prisoner to be made an example of. If the English had just hung her they might have done that. Burning her alive was way to far.....

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    Joan helped the French fight against the British and since they were the one's trying her she was already going to be convicted, there were no and's, if's, or but's about it. Joan claimed to hear voices of god or her virigin patron in her head when no one else could, but other than that she did nothing wrong.

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    the relationship of Joan of Arc and Goddess worshipping became a Murrayism. i'm upset the historic previous channel could use it. She became a Christian. Very Christian. maximum Pagans immediately could in all risk have got here upon her greater like Falwell and Robertson than any Pagan determine...

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    Well, the only thing they could really get her for was wearing men's clothing. Oh, and they claimed she was a witch - and back then there was no defense for that.

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    Her only crime was fighting the British, and they were the ones trying her.

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    She was crazy. you heard voices in her head and thought there were god

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