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TRD...another good laugh at "Badge-Engineering"?

"Toyota Racing Development"....Right...on a 6000LB 4WD Truck, or anything else Toyota sticks a TRD Badge on...

But, hey, someones "buying" it!

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    If you are a Toyota fan, then TRD wouldn't be just "badge engineering" as you had previously mentioned. TRD is an in- house tuning shop much like how Nismo is to Nissan, AMG as well as Brabus is to Mercedes, M series is to BMW, Ruff as well as Gemballa is to Porsche, etc etc...which in turn provide high performance hardware such as suspension, turbos/superchargers, wheels, etc etc for auto enthusiasts.

    At this point in time, there are 2 branches for TRD, one is TRD Japan & the other is TRD USA each responsible for involvement in their local racing events from JGTC (Japan Touring Car Series & its affiliates) to CORR (local USA off-road events & affiliates such as NHRA Import Drags).

    Sad to say, TRD or better yet, Toyota headquarters has placed the TRD logo on some vehicles that I would personally wince at when I see them. Unfortunately, some people are not aware of the long racing history involved with the TRD moniker because of the way the logo has been handled for the consumer. Hopefully, someone can someday see the error in this & act accordingly....

    Source(s): Have a brother who used to race locally and was fortunate enough to obtain sponsorship from TRD "back in the day"...he owns a local car repair shop now, but still involved in one way or another in the car tuning scene...especially in the import drift scene that interest seems to have risen in recent tuning to both of us (& we're "old" by today's standards-42 & 44 respectively) is STILL FUN!!! lol
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    Actually the TRD's are a nice option for some people and along with the NISMO Frontier from Nissan the only off road packages worth a darn. You get skid plates, Bilstein shocks (probably the shocks in the world) and an electronic locker. The e locker makes the biggest difference in the world. The Ford FX4 badging is just that badging. You get cheap Rancho shocks and a sticker, wow. No e locker. The Ranger package wasn't bad, came with the Torsen rear diff. People who do real four wheeling probably won't buy this stuff because they'll add it themselves. But for some people its great. Funny though b/c I have been with some "real" four wheelers. Big tires with open rears, makes no sense at all. Get the darn locker. My Nissan Fronteri NISMO works for me. Comes with a Dana 44 rear, e locker, Bilstein shocks and skid plates. Wasn't that much either. TRD is like SVT for Ford and Nismo for Nissan and yada yada yada. To each their own. I say one thing, stock vs stock. The only truck that say has been equal to mine four wheeling has been the Tacoma TRD and actually the Ranger FX4 Level II did pretty good.

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    Its kinda like everyone elses vehicles, "SS" "SVT" "Hemi" (Geo Metro's 3 cyclinders are hemisphericle combustion chambers so its a Hemi) Nismo, etc....

    Its just some extra trick goodies, whether they be focused for on road performance or off road performance.

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