I removed the quarter round from the baseboards, how to I get the nails out?

I am painting the baseboards and trim and I removed the quarter rounds to paint them separately and I want to reinstall them afterwards Problem is, once removed, the quarter rounds have nails in them sticking out that I need to remove, but I've been trying hard to pull them out, and they just won't budge. I tried clipping them off with a pair of clippers/snips and managed to get them almost flush with the wood (within 1/16 of an inch). Is this the right way to go about doing this or is there something I'm missing? Thanks in advance!

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    Ive done a lot of trim work over the years, and I handle nail removal a couple of ways...

    First I use a long handle slip joint plier, like this type - http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=productDetai...

    The long handle makes it easier to pry the nails loose. Usually I will twist the nail, to loosen it a bit, and/or pull the nail. Flat nose 'tile cutters' also work well.

    Another handy method is to keep a small block of scrap wood in the tool box. (hardwood works best) Balancing the trim on the nail... point down on the scrap block...I can give the trim a small tap with a soft mallet, and this will cause the trim to slide down on the nail.

    If you leave even 1/16" of the nail protruding on the backside, you are going to have trouble putting the trim back on. Either clip it below the surface of the backside of the trim, or pull it out altogether.

    Nails are easier to remove, if you take care in pulling the trim off, leaving the nail as straight as possible ;)

    Think about using a 'pin nailer' to re-install the trim. It makes installing trim a lot quicker and easier.

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    Pull the nails out from the back use a pair of plyers this wiil save the face side if your 1/4 round try not to cut though the nails. just go slowly

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    I personally prefer to cut them off just like you are doing. I use a sawsall you can cut flush and it's quick. Pulling them out from the back leaves a hole on the front side most of the time. When you put it back do the pilot hole that the other answerer describes - that is the best way.

    PS: Wranglers suggestion about pin nailer is a good one if you have access to one. It will definitely speed up the process and makes for a nice job.

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    On the back side of 1/4 round I take wire cutters (gives a good bite) and grab nail (do not cut off) close to wood then roll cutters sideways. may have to reposition if nail is long.

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    Quarter Round Snips

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    if you are putting new quarter-round over it then just clip them with a pair of dykes (cutters). if not then put the claw of a hammer at the bottom, then pry the hammer back and forth sideways that will pull any nail.

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    drill small holes for new nails to avoid any spliting.use a nail punch toensure that the nail heads are flush.any gaps use

    caulking.prime ,paint

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