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    sorry, can't type chinese


    染色體 is made up of DNA, 染色體 is a "macro" structure formed by DNA/protein and can be stained to visualize. So, depends on what type of mutation it is. if it is a single nucleotide change/deletion, it won't affect the overall structure. but if it is a DNA rearrangement (gross chromosome rearragement) or a large chunck of deletion then u may be able to see it in chromosome staining.


    DNA will mutate spontaneously, depends on how faithful the replication machine is (e.g. during replication the wrong nucleotide is placed. if there's no proofreading/correction, it becomes a mutation).

    Then there are the outside factors: x-ray, UV, drugs...

    what they do is usually create double strand breaks in DNA or change the chemical properties/structure of DNA. the end result is the increase of DNA mutation rate.

    In short, DNA mutates regardless. it's just a matter of speeding up/slowing down the process.


    in short, no.

    usually when DNA mutates, it is a silent mutation (have no effects on protein level). the mutation may also be a dysfunctional mutation (i.e. the protein it translates will lose its function once it is mutated).

    so unless u purposely engineer the DNA (e.g. make the cell glow in the dark), spontaneous DNA mutation will not 加強 anything (if not making things worse).

    (plus u don't see any real-life superman flying around saving ppl)

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