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Ming asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



P.S 勿用翻譯機直接翻譯

1.很抱歉!由於我的英文沒學好, 因此才沒有CATCH到你想表達的意思, 我會好好多增加我的英文能力

(1)我已在你特別製作的這張表單上核對過VENDOR料號和規格敘述是否ㄧ致, 核對過後確認無誤

(2)如你下列的舉例: 是否認為在報價單裡雖然規格敘述with cap, 但是在box及tube欄裡是without cap, 因此就應當把料號修改正確或是區分開來

(3)關於你設計的這張工作表, 我們需要在上面填上價格嗎?以便你方便查閱


(4)附件中的工作表, 我修改了這些

1. HFD4正確料號應該是HFD5(在報價單裡也是SHOW SHD5)

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    1. I am terribly sorry. My English is very poor, and this has failed me catching the messages you tried to deliver. I will definitely try to improve my English skill.

    (1) I have already verified the Vendor's item number and specification from the Excel sheet you made. There is no error.

    (2) According to your example listed below:

    The problem is that even in the Quotation the specification is described with cap, the box and tube columns are without cap. Therefore, would you want me to revise the item numbers or to make a distinction between them?

    (3) Do we need to fill in the prices to the Excel Sheet you made? So it will be clearer for your later reference, and save you some trouble.

    (4) In the attached Excel Sheet file, you will find that I've made some changes:

    a. HFD4 – the correct item number is HFD5 (in the Quotation is shown SHD5 as well)

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