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急需英文強手...中翻英 20點





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    Creating new value:

    This is the middle step of negotiations. Each sides communate with each other, and they often emphasize their own benefit. We can understand the needs of others by this step. However, the agreement set in this step isn't always the best beneficial to each other. In other words, the benefits don't always strike the balance. Although we reach the balance, the agreement isn't necessarily the best. As a result, each sides has to search the best plan for the most benifit, this step is so called "creating new value".

    The step of creating new value, is often the most forgettable part of the business negotiations. During the period of normal bussiness negotiations, negotiators seldom see the whole picture, compare and measure the best solutions. As a result, negotiators often feel that the result isn't the best, and they cannot achieve the "win win situation". The method to create "win win stituation" is very important.

    "Overcome the blocks". This step is though. The blocks of negotiations often come from two parts: One is the conflicts between two sides' benefits; another is the difficulty of mading decision. The former block is overcome by the fair, resonable and non-judgemental principles; the latter block, we can overcome it by active help to help each sides made decisions.

    The above "three steps of business negotitations"is the univerisal principles during the negotiations. If each sides keep the steps in mind, and follow the approach methods, we can reach the "win win situations", and make biggest profits in each sides.

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    2.創造價值。 2.Create value.此階段為談判的中級階段,雙方彼此溝通,往往申明了各自的利益所在,了解了對方的實際需要。 For intermediate stage that negotiate, both sides communicate each other, declare one's own interests often this stages, have understood the other side's actual need.但是,以此達成的協議並不一定對雙方都是利益最大化。 However, the agreement that so as to reach might not be maximized by interests all both sides. 也就是說,利益在此往往並不能有效地達到平衡。 That is to say, the interests can not often reach the balance effectively here. 即使達到了平衡,此協議也可能不是最佳方案。 Even reached the balance, this agreement may be the best scheme. 因此,談判中雙方需要想方設法去尋求更佳的方案,為談判各方找到最大的利益,這一步驟就是創造價值。 So, both sides need to try every means to seek better scheme in the negotiation, for negotiate each side find most heavy interests, this step is to create value.創造價值的階段,往往是商務談判最容易忽略的階段。 It is often the aptest to neglect stage of commercial negotiation to create the stage of value.

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    一般的商務談判很少有談判者能從全局的角度出發去充分創造、比較與衡量最佳的解決方案。 Seldom there are negotiators in the general commercial negotiation can proceed from angle of the overall situation and fully create, compare and weigh the best solution.

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