Who will I run to歌詞

Who will I run to-Kiley Dean

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    Kiley Dean - Who will I run to

    [Verse 1:] [韻文1 : ]

    You were the one who I could tell my deepest fears 你是我可以傾訴我最深切的恐懼的人

    And you were the one who always wiped away my tears 而你永遠抹不去我的眼淚

    When he hurt me you were my prince sent straight from above 當他傷害了我,你就向是我的從天而降的王子

    Like a fool I never saw you were fallin' in love 像一個傻瓜,我再也看不到你和你戀愛

    [Pre-Chorus:] [預合唱: ]

    So now I've lost everything, cuz now you say you're gone forever more... 所以現在我已經失去了一切,現在你說你已經一去不復返了更多...

    (So who will I?) (這樣的人我會不會? )

    [Chorus:] [合唱: ]

    Who will I run to 我將奔向誰

    Who will I turn to 誰將我要談談

    Now that you left me behind 現在你給我留下的背後

    Who will dry my tears when I cry 誰來幹我的眼淚,當我哭泣

    Who will I run to 我將奔向誰

    Who will I turn to 誰將我要談談

    Now that you're not here in my life 現在你不在我的人生

    [Verse 2:] [韻文2 : ]

    You were the one I took for granted all those years 你是我這些年 上台理所當然

    And you were the one, I should have known it was so clear 而你的人,我應該知道,它是如此清晰

    How could I be so blind not to see what was before my eyes 我怎可如此盲目,不要見什麼之前,我的眼睛

    I'll get you back here with me if it takes the rest of my life 我會得到你回到這裡,我真是什麼,其餘的我的生活

    [Pre Chorus:] [預合唱: ]

    Cuz I would do anything cuz I want you back forever more: c因為我會做任何事情 因為我要你回來,永遠更多:

    (Who will I?) (我會不會? )

    [Chorus] [合唱]

    [Bridge:] [橋: ]

    I will gladly journey across the deep blue sea 我會很樂意跨洲之旅的深藍色海洋

    If I could know that I would have you here with me 如果我能知道你會跟我在這裡

    I realized that I was blind, but now I finally see 我已意識到,我是盲人,但現在我終於看到

    I need you back here in my life, oh baby can't it be 我需要你回到我的生命,哦,寶貝讓它成真

    [Chorus] [合唱]

    Who will be there for me 誰將在那裡等我

    Who's gonna rescue me 誰來救我

    Who's gonna share my dreams 誰來分享我的夢

    Who's gonna mend this broken heart... 誰來修補這個破碎的心... (Uh huh) (呵呵呵)

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