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請問英文 think big?是什麼意思?

請問英文說 think big?請問是什麼意思? 是不是成語?中文要如何解釋?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    * think big*** 可以說成是 " 放寬視野,以不同角度來改變即將沒落的產業"

    或是" 放棄舊思維,以全新理念開創新格局之意。"


    " Think big, think smart!" 很像是一家有名電腦公司的 Slogan.

    Think Big Definition:

    The New Zealand Prime Minister Robert Muldoon (Prime Minister: 1975 - 1984[1]) and his New Zealand National Party government in the early 1980s sponsored Think Big as an interventionist state economic strategy. The Think Big schemes saw the government borrow heavily overseas, running up a large external deficit, and using the funds for large-scale industrial projects. Petrochemical and energy related projects figured prominently, designed to utilize New Zealand's abundant natural gas to produce ammonia, urea fertilizer, methanol and petrol.

    The National Cabinet Minister Allan Highet coined the "Think Big" label in a speech to a National Party conference in 1977.

    Source(s): Grace TA & wikipedia
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  • 1 decade ago

    這不是成語 也不具有一定的文法 只是一般很常用的口語

    中文意思是 "眼光放遠點" "多多思考思考" "

    整體而言就是 "高瞻遠矚"的意思

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  • Mwu
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    1 decade ago

    think big 為非正式的用法



    We had money, materials, and the opportunity to think big.


    Source(s): 參考美劇 『Friends』
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  • STA
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    1 decade ago

    "Since You Have to Think Anyway, Why Not Think Big!"

    Donald Trump, Billionaire



    2007-11-09 15:07:18 補充:

    Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and Life-->這他96/10才出的一本新書。

    Source(s): me ch
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