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    (Lilo's sister Nani wanted to find a new job.)

    Nani: I am looking for a job. Is there one on your coffee shop?

    Shop owner: Maybe. Can you make good coffee?

    Nani: Yes, I can. I make the best coffee in Hawaii!

    ( Lilo and Stitch waited in the yard)

    Lilo: Here, Stitch. This is a guitar. You play it and it makes music.

    (Stitch played the guitar)

    Lilo: That's very loud, Stitch, but It's good....

    (Stitch tried again. This time the music was louder.)

    Lilo: That's better, Stitch. You're really good!

    Nani: Oh, sorry. That's my sister and her dog.

    Shop owner: Dog, huh? OK< you both have a job.

    Nani: Both?

    (One week later...)

    shop ower: That's the best guitar-playing dog on the island!

    Nani: I think it's the only one!

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    please say ten sentences of 「My Favorite Book」

    Thank you!

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    http://www.audioenglish.net/english-learning/engli... taurant_lunch_and_di nner_1.htm

    希望我的資料有幫上版大的忙喔 ~^_^~

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    咦, 連結不見了...orz



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    主題 "Ordering lunch and dinner~What else do you recommend?"

    Waiter: — Are you ready to order, sir?

    Mr Ryefield: — Yes. I´ll have the beef stew for starters and my wife would like tomato soup.

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    Waiter: — One beef stew and one tomato soup. What would you like for the main course?

    Mr Ryefield: — I´ll have the Cayenne Pepper Steak and my wife would like the Fried Trout with mashed potatoes.

    Waiter: — I´m afraid the trout is off.

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    Mrs Ryefield: — Oh dear. Err... What else do you recommend?

    Waiter: — The sole is very good.

    Mrs Ryefield: — OK. I´ll have that. Do you have any coleslaw?

    Waiter: — No, I´m sorry, we don´t.

    Mrs Ryefield: — Just give me a small mixed salad then.

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    Mr Ryefield: — Same for me.

    Waiter: — Certainly. (...) Would you like something to drink?

    Mr Ryefield: — Yes, please. May I see the wine list?

    Waiter: — Certainly. Here you are.


    Mr Ryefield: — A bottle of Chablis ‘99, please.

    Waiter: — Excellent choice!

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