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"所以,我除了是一台龐克硬頂敞篷跑車(Pontiac Solstice),我能變成一架戰鬥機;速度之快不在話下,也能變成一支手機;一支真正的手機,使用3rd generation 系統,更重要的是我也支援藍芽耳機 (Bluetooth Headset) 。另外,我也能變成動物;就像是雞。你們看!就像隻真的雞一樣,很可口吧!不過,別吃我。"




另外想順便請教這個字要怎麼念,"Solstice" 謝謝。

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    "So, I in addition to is a punk and hard crest Chang Peng sport car(Pontiac Solstice), I can become a fighter jet; The quick not in context of present discussion of speed, can also become a cellular phone; A real cellular phone, use the 3 rd generation system, more important I also support blue bud headphones. Besides, I can also become animal; Seem a chicken. You see! Be like a true chicken, very tasty! However, don't eat me. "

    ↑ 大概這樣 

    Solstice 你去

    輸入 你案發音 就知道了


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