Path to Vetinarian?

I'm in 8th grade at the moment, and searching for some help on what i should study in, and what college i should go to.Well first high school after i'm done with 8th grade but still.People keep saying im too young to think about this at this age ,but im curious.So please if you have any recommendations tell me.

Ok this is my first time using this question thing so please bare with me

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'd like to become a Vet to, though I'm in 10th grade, anyway, obviously, your going to study in...well...Animal Medical stuff...I'd recommend you study though, in farm Animals, it'll make your more money, and there are very little large animal vets around. Thats what I'm doing anyway....not sure about colleges, I still haven't found any. By the way, your never to young to think about a successful future.

    Source(s): My brain told me.
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