Propaganda Warning: NBC news, Milwaukee area, 10:00 tonight?

According to the commercial, they are going to discuss a legal drug that is stronger and more dangerous than LSD.

My guess is that its going to be about salvia divornium.

FYI: I have tried both LSD and Salvia, and the opposite is true. Salvia gets you high for a couple of minutes, and I did not feel the effects to be stronger than LSD. Additionally, Salvia is perfectly safe and non addictive. There is a case study of a child SUPOSIDY killing himself because he smoked salvia, and now the parents are tying to make it illegal. But how can we be so sure of that? How do they know what was going through that kids head? You cant blame a suicide on a single factor, because that is rarely the case.

So, before you listen to the propaganda, check and find out factual information before relying on the mass media.


What do you think the drug is?

There, now its a question.

Update 2:

Yeah, because we all know salvia is just like crack.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have no problem with anyone wanting to learn more about a particular substance. I have never tried salvia but I considered it and so I researched it.

    However, I rather doubt the news story won't be biased. Hopefully it won't just be a witch hunt.

    Yes, it's sad their kid died. But obviously there was something already wrong there.

    Going back to LSD, they didn't call it the acid test for nothing.

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  • basant
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    3 years ago

    LOL! ok, however the polls are never precise, yet extremely merely fantastically much as good because of the fact the folk who're working the polls. forty 4 for McCain forty 8 for Obama 6 unsure it rather is merely a waste of time. The newspapers consistently are looking forward to the elections and function many times been misguided. NBC is somewhat one sided, you comprehend. for sure, it rather is why you used their poll for this question. the only somewhat precise, unprejudiced and impartial information is on FOX. it rather is why that's rated variety one. they supply you the two facets of the story. Why situation to take heed to different information stations, as they have self assurance in sensationalism and are misguided.

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  • Ambi
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    1 decade ago

    Yeah I saw this commercial. I was also assuming Salvia, but I'll watch and find out.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Factual information from drug users. Hmmm. I know a couple of crack heads in Detroit who were big drug users when we were kids. All they do now is wait for death. When we were kids, they said the drugs weren't bad and the government was lying. Time has proven them wrong.

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  • 1 decade ago

    How is this a question???

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