NY Union Local 1199. How much of a role did 1199 play in regard to city funding of city hospitals. History???

Facing a serious issue at Grady Hospital in Atlanta, the possible closure of the hospital because of the state's refusal to adequately fund, I have raised the issue of hospital management giving a small AFSME local a contract so that they can unionize Grady's five thousand workers who would become a major pressure on government to provide additional funds to Grady. The local Chamber wants to privatize a very important hospital which means a lot of folks would die in short order.

You can see why the 1199/NY history might be of great value.

Jack Jersawitz



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    NYC hospitals are run by the health and hospitals corp. (HHC) As far as I know, almost all of the employees are locals of DC 37, not 1199. I believe 1199 reps private hospitals. I worked for HHC, when NYC EMS was part of HHC prior to being merged with the FDNY and was represented by local 2507 of DC 37. As far as what they did...well they organized the citizens. Funding of NYC hospitals has always been an issue, but usually community pressure keeps the funding up and the facilities open. NYC has many different types of hospitals. The city itself runs several and there are many other privately run hospitals. The ones the city runs are obviously 100% funded by the city, state, feds, like any city agency

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