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i have to wear pantyliners every day?

i'm 15 years old and i'm not sexually active. around the same time every day, this clear discharge comes out and it makes my underwear wet. it's not an infection- it doesn't burn or smell bad (it just smells like.. vag.. haha). but yeah i'm so sick of having to wear pantyliners every day.

does anyone else have this problem?

ugh. it sucks. =[

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    Okay sweetie. It is not any of the things mentioned above. It is basically your body's reproductive system working. If you notice throughout the month, your 'discharge' (Its actually not discharge. It is cervical mucus) changes texture. When you are ovulating (the time in the month when your body is most fertile) the mucus is the most sticky. That is what the stuff is you are talking about. You will also notice that right before and right after your period, hardly any mucus will come out. That is also normal. Don't worry. You are normal. I think all women have this in some form or another. And like you, a lot of women don't know that much about this 'discharge' a.k.a. mucus. If you ever wanted to read more or learn more about your body, then read this book:

    'Taking Charge of Your Fertility' by Toni Weschler. Its not just about getting pregnant. It also tells you stuff about your body a lot of people don't know. Including the mucus.

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    I'm the same age as you and I have this problem, too. Mine goes on all month long when I'm not on my period, though. I use a DivaCup (brand of menstrual cup) that can be used even when you aren't on your period. I use it to collect my discharge since it is inserted internally. It catches about 85% of the vaginal discharge that comes out because, unlike menstrual blood, vaginal discharge is secreted through the vaginal walls and not through the uterus so it is impossible to catch all of it - but it gets most of it. It's been working out for me for the past 5 months! If you're interested you can try a menstrual cup out. However, If you don't have any experience with tampons (big tampons!) then you'll have a difficult time inserting them. They also have no risk of TSS, are environmentally friendly, and protect you more than tampons when you're on your period. Best of luck!

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    That is normal for someone your age.

    I have always worn pantyliners all the time. I have been checked several times - including going to my gyn every year for the past 26 years.

    Many girls/women normally discharge all the time.

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    same 13...i know it sucks! and btw i always get mine every day once at noon and once at around sixish. i especially hate that when i dance it absorbs the sweat and makes me feel all gross down there...i hope you feel beter knowing there are people like me and you dealng with the same crap...

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    you are probably sexually excited/horny. what makes you say it's not an infection? get it checked out to be on the safe side, alot of females have to wear pantyliners b/c of clear discharge. Don't spray any perfumes or anything down your panties it can cause irritation.

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    Yes. It's normal for some women. Not much you can do about it. Sorry.

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