iPhone versus Sidekick LX?

My sidekick three just recently broke and now I'm debating what phone to get.

I hate talking on phones which is why I love the keyboard on the sidekicks, but I do also love the greater range of applications and usability on the iPhone.

I was thinking about getting the LX and then an iTouch, but I've heard the iTouch is terrible.

Or I may just get the iPhone and boot the sidekick all together.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. I really know nothing about phones. Help!

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    ok iphone has more things and is the latest technology and has the best things to pick from. but the sidekick has more IM and has a great phone deal now here are some negatives. you can only get with at&t with iphone and card only no cash and is expensive.sidekick has less things and is more of an texting phone and has temp. limit. now here is why you should buy them . iphone is great has internet and is touchscreen GPA ipod and video and many more. sidekick has the IM and has great styles and has mostly internet well those are some things aubout good luck getting a new phone! (ps i prefer the iphone but if the sidekick is what you like its not bad at all):)

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    I was thinking about getting the iPhone, but 4GB is way too small for me, 8GB is way too small for me too. So I bought the 16GB touch, and I'm going to wait for the next generation of iPhones and see what happens. If they come out with a 32GB Touch I might even upgrade to that instead since I have a 2 year contract w/ T-Mobile.

    I think I'll stick with my Sidekick LX for now, because I love the keyboard and the high res. screen and keep the iPod Touch for music, games [NES, GBA, ETC. Yay for jailbreaking], and movies! I only have about 200MB left on my iPod so I'm glad I went with the Sidekick LX + iPod Touch combo. The camera is sweet tho [on the iPhone, and the internet is pretty fast [wifi, haven't seen the iPhone's internet speed on AT&T's network so can't tell you much] especially cause you can view PDF's on it. But they recently came out with a PDF viewer for the Touch so yeah theres one more reason to keep the LX hahaha. I like the iPhone's custom ringtones! Something the LX doesn't let you do.

    Wow, MANY random ramblings in there hahaha.

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    I've got an iPhone and though I've never owned a sidekick specifically I have owned phones similar to the sidekick. I've got to say that the iPhone is better. The technology exclusive to the iPhone is revolutionary and its basic formatting is such that once you grow accustomed to using an iPhone, anything else seems primitive. Now that the IPhone has been opened up to third party programmers there is no limit to what the Iphones capabilities might be. I strongly recommend an iPhone over anything else in the market and am confident that you will not be disappointed.

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    you should get the sidekick lx.

    i had the iphone for 3 months and its not that great. they make it look good , but it scratches easily and it doesnt do some stuff that most phones dont , like picture messaging , or IMing . it also freezes up alot... one time it froze for like 10 minutes and it made me re-activate it .

    i'm switching to sidekick lx today.

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  • 1 decade ago

    sidekick lx! i had the sk2 and sk3 and the sklx is really worth the upgrade from the sk3, the screen is much bigger, brighter and the phone is thin. the keypad is stretched out compare to the sk3 so you're hands aren't in tight spaces, you can also just go to the apple store play with the iphone and then go to tmobile and play with the lx and figure it out then..

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    IPHONE they rock and u can do anythig with them the people that say they are dumb just wish they had one

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    1 decade ago

    i would get the iphone... you will get used to the keys and its a lot better with features tahn the sidekcik....

    i mean you can surf the web anywhere!


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    Like, get the Iphone!!!

  • iPhone definitely ! I just think they have anything you could ever want in a phone.. They're amazing !

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