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Should I pledge RZA fratenrnity?

I go to a state school and there is frat i am thinking of joinnig. I dont know weather i should or shouldnt. The frat is RZA. MY girlfriend is against me on pledging, because her ex broke up with her because he was involve more in the frat. What are the pros and cons about pledging? And Should I? I only have 1 year in school left, i dont want to make a decision that i would regret for the rest of my live.

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    For a year? Why bother? Personally, I prefer to become friends with one person at a time, picking and chosing, rather than getting a whole fraternity foisted on me. But that's me. The pro is that you can call on any fraternity brother, from any chapter, and ask a favor. You may not get it but they will listen. It might help in job-hunting too.

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    fraternities are for losers

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