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How would you describe horses in general, please use adjectives?

I'm doing a semester project on Premarin HRT and the conditions in which the horses live to be able for this drug company to amass great profits. Anything else about your connection with your horse would be good too. I want to portray how horses give us a sense of self and how deep connections people can have with horses. Thanks!


I need to explain to non horse people just how awful it is to use horses in this way, I love my horse and share a deep connection with him and horses in general and I need help conveying that in my project. thanks for your help.

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    I'm not really sure I understand how how horses enrich human life goes along with the Premarin horses? Are you trying to explain why PMU "factories" are cruel and shouldn't exist?

    There's a lot better ways to go about that.

    Horses are by nature spirited, and very much need to move, run, interact, graze and play with other horses for a healthy lifestyle. PMU horses get nothing of this sort.

    Horses are extremely intelligent and sensitive to their environment and can sometimes understand human desires on almost a telepathic level. They speak a language that is so subtle and delicate that a human doesn't have the ability to perceive. They are equally fragile hearted as they are sensitively minded, and PMU horses often get ruined, and come out the "plants" mistrusting of humans, skittish of their surroundings, unable to interact with other horses.

    Horses capture the hearts and imaginations of humans because of their beauty, power, and grace, (and their soft velvety noses). PMU plants keep the horses in tie stalls 24 hrs a day, with no ability to move around. The horses are constantly pregnant, and there are adoption agencies dedicated to trying to find the unwanted offspring of PMU mares good homes. The mares leave the plants with the weight of their torment and improper living conditions burdening them, and many of them take years to recover from their experiences.

    The foals, always cross-bred horses, usually QH x Draft, are high in numbers, and low in demand. They are typically not quality horses, not born of champion stud lines, not from any quality of mare, and while they make great horses for the general horse enthusiast when they are full grown and trained, sometimes finding homes for practically wild, untouched, PMU foals that needs plenty of time, training, and work, isn't the easiest thing to do.

    Do a lot of research as you write this paper, and you will be able to come up with a variety of things to write --- and, if you are not involved with horses yourself --- why not go to a local boarding barn and take a lesson - even just a "ground" lesson. Or, better yet - go to a local equine therapy barn near you and watch children who can't even walk on their own get on a horse and ride - watch them smile and feel free and mobile, and you'll see how powerful of an impact horses have on our lives.

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    My husband is a farrier (horseshoer) and has somewhat been asked to "speedy" horses hooves. He won't do it and has walked far flung from jobs, by using fact of it. that's an abusive technique to get horses to shorten their stride and %. their ft up extra ideal. that's fairly elementary with instruct horses. The horses hooves are trimmed to the place they bleed and are sore, in simple terms like tearing our fingernails all the way down to dermis. by using fact horses then positioned on horseshoes, that's very nearly impossible for judges interior the showring to hit upon.

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    A free spirited, strong, beautiful, loyal friend who gives you a sense of power.........

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