STD question.?

my friend was over we both had the same soda and she left and i sat mine beside hers not thinkin she came back n we didnt kno who's was who's so she took one n i drank the one i had n i noticed it was warmer then mine..then i started thinkin bout how she said when she ran away too NY that she did stuff with like 7 guys..So a week later..I noticed i gotta sore under my tounge its like a red bump and it hurts..& i cant remember if maybe i ate a chip n it cut it or something but im so scared:'( i googled STD'S and it does not look like any of them..should i b concered or am i over reactin?

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    1 decade ago
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    It is possible it could be a form of herpes...

    or it could be a flu-like symptom...

    ...or it could be nothing.

    Generally STDs arent spread that way

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    i recommend taking 3 neem capsules, 2 turmeric, and 3 milk thistle capsules per day for a month. If any warts do appear on your genitals, put neem oil and turmeric paste on them one week, and tincture of arbor vitae the next, alternating weeks until all are gone. good luck.

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    7 guys. nasty. probably nothing but if it keeps showing up id be careful. google a place to go get checked out if you are that worried.

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