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What are some of the best resturants in New Orleans?

Me and 8 of my friends are coming to NOLA for Mardi Gras and I want to eat at some of the best resturants in the city and experiance the best cajun and creole cuisine there is. Can anyone familiar with the city suggest some GREAT resturants to eat at? Also what are some good breakfast places that serve breakfast late and are a good place to cure a hangover? I really love food and would like to know what you think are the best places to eat in the city. We will be staying in the CBD near the Superdome but will travel to Uptown or other parts of the city for good food. So if anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated. Thanks....


wow, thanks to everyone so far on their suggestions, these places look great!

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    There are lots of great restuarants but a few upscale ones that are very good


    504) 525-4455

    430 Dauphine St

    New Orleans, LA

    This is my favorite in the city!! Great patio, great service, award winning food.

    Commanders Palace

    Commanders Palace Restaurant

    (504) 899-9591 - 1427 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA


    (504) 568-1885

    801 Chartres St

    Mr. Bs

    (504) 523-2078

    201 Royal St, New Orleans, LA

    For more casual


    (504) 525-9053

    1109 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA


    (504) 528-9566

    45 French Market Pl

    New Orleans, LA

    Pascal's Manale

    (504) 895-4877

    1838 Napoleon Ave

    New Orleans, LA

    Go for the BBQ Shrimp!

    For Late night food go to

    Clover Grill

    (504) 598-1010

    900 Bourbon St

    New Orleans, LA


    (504) 942-1345

    517 Frenchmen St

    New Orleans, LA

    For Good Breakfast


    (504) 522-6440

    817 Saint Louis St

    New Orleans, LA

    Very good but SLOW

    Blue Plate Cafe

    (504) 309-9500

    1330 Prytania St, New Orleans, LA

    Bluebird Cafe

    3625 Prytania St , New Orleans , LA


    601 Gallier St , New Orleans , LA

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    If you are looking for a great place to get a po-boy I would suggest either Cooter Brown's on Carrollton or Liuzza's on N. Lopez. These two places have some of the best po-boys around. Get the overstuffed shrimp at either.

    For seafood, head over to Acme Oyster House on Iberville St. or GW Fins on Bienville St. if you want to stay in the city. If you don't mind a bit of a drive, Middendorf's on I-55 in Ponchatoula is fantastic.

    For a nice evening out on the town type restaurant hit up either Emeril's on Tchoupitoulas St or Lilette on Magazine St.

    These are my top picks for different types of food in the city. One morning you have got to get up early and head down to Cafe' Du Monde. I suggest going during the week before or after Mardi Gras. If you try and go the week of Mardi Gras you are going to stand on the sidewalk for about an hour and a half if not more.

    Oh, and its "Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler"! Let the good times roll!

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    Well get ready for a great time, i have been there so many times i love it.....have a cab take you to "Crazy Johnny's" very very good, The French Quarter has many amazing restaurants but even in the off season they are outrageously expensive so i can only imagine the prices during mardi gras.....go to the Hard Rock Cafe which is a must visit in the quarter........there is a 50's themed Diner a half block off bourbon that serves breakfast in the early AM that will cure your hang overs.......oh and be sure to visit the Original Tropical Isle on Bourbon street and order a Hand-Grenade it is an amazing drink, and visit the Cats Meow on Bourbon Street you should have tried to get reservations at the St. Peter Inn its two or three blocks from Bourbon.....and during the down time try to visit the "Aquarium of the Americas" which is down town in the quarter....have fun

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    1. Jacques-imos - eat dinner there, it is Uptown but next door to the Maple Leaf, which hosts tons of great bands during Mardi Gras. It is the best and not too expensive with an amazing atmosphere. Just ask for Jacques and you will be taken care of.

    2. Galatoires - on Bourbon Street and is one of the most well known and oldest restaurants in NOLA - amazing oysters

    3. Mothers - on Poydras and has the best breakfast ever, I personally wouldn't deal with brunch, way too expensive and not worth the time

    4. Clancy's - Great uptown restaurant but it's quite expensive, would be nice for night out with friends but Jacques is the best

    5. Camellia Grill - * would not attempt for late night breakfast considering it isnt open late night* best breakfast in the world uptown

    6. K-Paul's - quarter

    7. Arnuad's - try the smaller one next to the restaurant for a quick bite

    8. Cooter Browns or Parisols for Po-Boys


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    One of the great things about New Orleans is that it is absolutely teeming with excellent restaurants. My sister and brother-in law have lived there for years, and one of the best things about going to see them is the wonderful food you will get to eat. My brother-in-law is fond of saying (about N.O. dining), "Pick up a rock. Throw it. You have just hit at least 6 great restaurants." Cafe du Mond is something you should visit for coffee and a snack, but not for a meal. Try the Jazz Brunch at the Court of Two Sisters. I would also suggest Restaurant August, and as an above poster suggested Crazy Johnnies, Lilette and The Commander's Palace. I have eaten at all of these restaurants, they are outstanding. You might also try G.W. Fins It is a fairly pricey, but outstanding seafood place. I would skip Copland's. We ate there once. It is a tourist trap. The locals (at least so far as I have heard it told) shun this place. I would try as many out of the way places as I could. The food is better and you will get a much more authentic experience. Try to ask locals (if you can find any during Mardi Gras) for recommendations.

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    Some of the best seafood resterants ain't in the city

    Got to rent a car, drive about a hour or so out of the city and go up I-55 to a small town called Manchac.. only thing there is a seafood resterant, and a few seafood businesses

    But the place is called Middendorf's and this is the place where the real locals go for seafood.

    Got some friends who swear by a Po-Boy shop out in Slidell called captain Humble's (It was a name the owner went by when he was a radio DJ)

    3025 Ponchartrain Blvd. Slidell

    (985) 640-9727

    Call for exact hours but last I saw was Tuesday-Saturday 11-2 and 5-8

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    New Orleans is known for great food! We have too many great restaurants to list, but I agree with most of the suggestions of the other people, except that Cafe Du Monde is NOT a restaurant; it's a COFFEE/donut shop, and the ONLY items on the menu are cafe au lait, beignets, milk, and hot chocolate. So if you want a full breakfast, do not go there---it's better as a treat/dessert. It is open 24/7.

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    Do not go to N.O. and miss

    "Jack Dempsey's".

    I am not sure if it survived Katrina or not. If it has make reservations. The restaurant is in a shot gun house, from the outside you are thinking Is that the restaurant? But you will see all the cars and hardly any where to park, because no doubt if it survived Katrina, they will be very busy. Let me tell you , the food is off the chain!!!!! There they serve creole cuisine and seafood - can not be beat!!!! If you like seafood get the seafood platter with macaroni and cheese, and do not forget dessert - bread pudding - the best I have ever had. They also have a bar, that can whip up your favorite to go along with the meal.

    Another favorite:

    Dookie Chase: same type of food and atmosphere. Here I suggest a shrimp/oyster poboy-- (Oh my God the memories). Again, I hope it survived Katrina.

    Now for both of these restaurants, you must go in the day time - day light. The neighborhoods could get a little rough after dark.

    But the food, can not be surpassed.

    Another restaurant I like is Deanies. Deanies is for seafood. You must go to Deanies, it is located on the N.O./Metarie border. Agsin because of this location, I am not sure if it survived Katrina.

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    If you are looking for the very best, then go to The Commander's Palace for dinner..reservations a must, my wife & I first went there for our 25th anniversary, and now go back every time we visit. Food, wine & service are tops! Check it out at .

    Brennan's is owned by the same company, and you should eat there at least once in your life. Reservations a must and again, you can see it at . We go there for breakfast every time we visit.

    For quick, cheap but excellent, you've got to give Johnny's Po-Boys a visit. The best po-boys in the entire city! It's in the Quarter on Saint Louis St. and well worth the visit.

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    Word of advice....make reservations! Even in the off season, the top restaurants have waiting lists. Ok, here's my rec's- breakfast- Mother's (in the CBD) and Petunia's in the quarter, cafe du monde for the beignets and people watching. Lunch in CBD- Ugly Dog Saloon, great barbeque and burgers, HUGE portions and low prices, tons of TVs with whatever sport is going on....Corp. 915 was good as well in a seedy locals joint sort of way. In the quarter- Johnny's Po'boys- every kind of po'boy you could imagine, and then some, Muffalettas from Central Grocery- ignore the line, it goes fast, Deanie's seafood for basic but good seafood dishes. Dinner- NOLA (amazing service, really good food), Pelican Club (amazing food, really good service) K-Pauls- noisy but worth it, Gumbo shop, Antoine's....really, there is so much good food there, its hard to go wrong. Late night- Lucky Dogs ($5 for a hot dog, OMG, but when its 2am it beats frozen reheated pizza at Mango Mango. Have a blast!

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