What is the best wireless mouse and keyboard for AutoCAD users?

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    If you are a serious AutoCAD user that demands accuracy and speed, you want gaming quality mouse and keyboard. There are several brands out there and in my experience I like Logitech because of their reliability. The independent mfgs are good but lack reliability. The constant pounding of buttons and keys takes it's toll and gaming equipment is designed and built for that. Make sure you load the latest drivers, see mfg's website.

    My Gear.

    Mouse: Logitech G9 Laser Mouse. Quick and accurate with programmable buttons to use with commands I use often.

    Keyboard: Logitech G11. Quick and programmable. I program commands (LISPs) and functions that I use often.

    The designs are kewl too and you can tweak them to suite your personal needs.

    If speed is not an issue, then any wireless keyboard and laser mouse will do. There is a slight delay with wireless but most people will not notice the difference. The Logitech Cordless Desktop MX3200 Laser (combo ms and kb) is a nice choice, I had the previous model (MX3000). It worked nicely.

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    This comes down to personal preference rather than the application.

    I like a good zero tilt keyboard. If it has a lateral arc of the keys, that's nice. Most people(self included) don't exercise proper posture. Since I can't remember to keep my wrists up, I keep the keys down.

    As for the mouse there are two camps.

    1. I like high resolution wireless laser, but it requires a certain level of precision, even on a high resolution monitor. The res on my mouse is 2000/inch. That means when I move my mouse an inch, it moves completely across one monitor and 25% of the way across the next.

    2. Low res optical. These are slower, and not for the impatient. However, it is nice when you're pulling a late shift and you're filled to the gills with coffee that when your wrist twitches, the cursor doesn't <e>fly</e> across the screen

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    I also prefer wired. I started out with wireless, but the mouse just went through heaps of batteries, and would crap out on me when I was right in the middle of something. Now I use a wired mouse. My keyboard is still wireless though.

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    If you're serious about yourself, don't lose the cables ;-)

    If you really want wireless, every descent combo is good...

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