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Boise State University denies request for a 21 gun salute for Veterans Day ceremony.?

Apparently the admin believes shots being fired might frighten students due to recent school shootings. Of course this would be because they refuse to notify students of it occurring.

Is a 21 gun salute common in you area for Veterans Day? If so where? I am personally in favor of the gun salute.

Please keep politics and views of the war out of this. Doesn't matter if you support the war or not, or approve of Bush. This is a question strictly regarding honoring veterans.

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    I clicked on the link you supplied. I read the article in the Idaho Statesman Newspaper. I was appauled. I wrote a letter to the editor of the paper that read:

    21 Gun Salute

    Submitted by xxxxxxxx on Thu, 11/08/2007 - 10:53am.

    1. Remind me never to go to BSU.

    2. What do the school shootings have to do with a 21 gun salute to our fallen heroes?

    3. As a retired Air Force Officer I am ashamed to know that Boise State University exists and wonder if we could pack up the entire staff and give them a 6 month vacation in downtown Bagdad.

    4. Our soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen and veterans deserve more than this.

    5. Tell them this for me please: Take you University and ...

    William B

    100% Disabled Veteran and Proud of it.

    Then I found the Boise State University website and looked up the office of the President. I called him. I got his secretary and explained for about 15 minutes how I felt about BSU and their treatment of veterans and those brave men and women serving their country in Iraq. The entire time I was talking she was typing a memo to the president about what I had said. I also directed her to the newspaper article but to this post as well. I gave her my real name, phone number and email address. I have not heard back as yet. But I am disgusted that this still goes on after what we went through during the Vietnam War. Thank God I live in Georgia and not Idaho.

    EDIT: I just called the Atlanta Journal Constitution Newspaper and gave them the story and the link. Maybe we can get nationwide editiorials and articles about Boise State.

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    No it is not common where I live, I can understand Boise States rational as long as they do something else. Play taps, a moment of silence, give extra credit to veteran students etc.

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    I particularly wish so. This us of a is plenty too computing device. He killed our protectors! He needs to circulate during the comparable soreness he placed our troops in. i don't care approximately being computing device while it includes a terrorist.

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