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It's funny how the Patriots fans want all of the fans to let the Camera thing go?

however they are still riding on thier high horses trying to prove a DEBUNKED rumor about the Colts. They are all looking for some way to make it even the slightest bit true, even if it is by convincing everyone to believe a BOSTON reporter's rumor about a (who?) security guard (who i'm sure has a second job working in the sound booth *sarcasm*)

Maybe if you guys try to treat other teams with the same respect you THINK you deserve, you may get a little of it back.

Own up to your teams mistakes, and stop using the excuse "every team does it." Even if that's the case, you're the only team who has been caught. So deal with it.

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    very well stated but if you think a patsie fan is actually going to magically find some humility and respect please dont hold your breath, and acusing the colts of cheating was just another questionable tactic from the most classless team in the history of the nfl the only thing worse is their fans, be proud for your colts they are clearly a better team and are total class from the top down they were more gracious and respectful in defeat than the patsies were in victory and im pretty sure when the colts hit the playoffs healthy the will smash the patsies

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    It's weird, the people who can't seem to let it go are the fans of all the teams the PATRIOTS have beaten this year. I've seen dozens of questions here in the last week asking this exact same question. If you're favorite teams are so good than what are you all worried about?

    The "crowd noise" thing happened, it's happened many times before and the PATRIOTS didn't even file a complaint about it. The media made a huge deal about it. The "camera thing" as you call it has no bearing on this season since it was taken away during th e1st half of the 1st game of the season. Belechick took responsibility for everything right away and it was taken care of, as a result the PATRIOTS are now watched by the NFL (and every one else) at every game. They, Ironically enough, are the only team in the NFL that everyone can be sure is NOT cheating.

    It's the Dallas, Jets & Colts fans that need to let all this anger go. You got beat and if they meet again in Foxboro they will get beaten a 2nd time because the PATRIOTS have shown, through every game this season, that they don't need any advantage to beat up on the rest of the NFL.

    You people should instead enjoy the fact that you have the opportunity to see a team who is officially on the up & up have a real chance of going 19-0 for the 1st time in history.

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    No offense but you wasted five points and probably only prompted them to continue to be jacka**es on here. I know it's hard but here's what we have to do: we take a page from their coach and adopt the "It takes two to argue" philosophy. If we don't respond to them all they are doing is jerking each other off. It'll get old for them eventually. They are looking for a fight, they want us to get wound up. Don't give them the satisfaction. I know it seems "right" to defend the team but responding only reinforces the idea that we have something to defend. We don't. It's very obvious the whiny fans are the Pats fans and they are the defensive ones, as fans of other teams have said as much. I haven't heard hardly anyone but Pats fans call the Colts fans whiny. They didn't cheat, and even if they had most of the Colts fans would have class enough to say "hey that was wrong!" rather than rant on and on about "everybody does it"or "others have done worse" or trying to blame the victim. This is one of those times were silence will be deafening. Believe me, I know it's tough but don't let them get under your skin.

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    I am not a New England fan and I say let it go as well.

    I would say it's the jets fault if they let New England get their signals so easy just by seeing them. Someone could be on the sideline and look over and watch them. Taping them for looking at latter is like when you get $3 in change instead of $2 and you out later after you already left the store. It's not that big of deal really.

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    Just so you know every team does it, but they are not allowed to ON the side line. Yes it was very arrogant, but that was at the begining of the season. It does not "taint" the rest of the season. For I think the patriots have already proven they don't need to cheat to win. We've been winning by a lot more since we stopped.

    I think you're the one who needs to let "the camera thing" go. Seeing as you are STILL talking about it.

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    First half of the first period of the first game of the season... you would have to be a sad retard to still think that whole "videogate" things mean anything. I'll tell you what though... you sure do know how to ask a question that makes you look stupid and get alot of responses reaffirming that... don't feel bad, I've asked stupid questions too. In an ESPN State poll the other day... the ONLY state in the America that still cares about the whole "videogate" thing and believe it taints the season... Indiana. Huge surprise. Get over it... your in the minority. The only reason it is still talked about on TV is when you have the coach of the only undefeated team in NFL history talking "asterisks", then ESPN will talk about it for like a day... and it's old news, except in Indy. Boo hoo.

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    see this is wear all the other fans ***** about jus like when a-rod called i got it out loud up in toronto **** it it was one week and even without the pats would have dismantled the jets lets be honest the jets suck i guess fans are sour cuz the pats are the best team in the league and are going 19-0 like when don shula started sayin it was tainted please hes just mad cuz he dont get to toast champagne yet and hes not gunna cuz that pats are the best team this year and they cant be stopped end of the convo get over u dumbass fans of all the other teams pats are the best period

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    I agree, I am a Pats fan we got caught an punished, further more if the colts did pipe in sound so what. This has been done before. lets just play the games.

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    True Patriot fans don't give a rats @ss about the camera thing. That is a manufactured product conceived by jealous fans of all the teams that the Patriots are easily running over.

    True Patriot fans are reveling in a record setting season. You morons that are disillusioned by your own teams performance this season can just continue with your conspiracy theories. Have fun with it, while Patriot fans enjoy actual football.

    PS: You whiny ******** *****

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    Yes, release all your anger. With every passing moment Emperor Belichick's power grows. Soon the Darkside will take it's proper place as the True Empire of the NFL.

    Source(s): You spelled *Their* wrong.
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