Surface piercing rejection?

On Tuesday I got a surface piercing uner my bellybutton and I think it's rejecting. I got it at a nice place that I've seen/had 10 piercings from there. I feel it's just my body because my friend got two surface piercings from there and they are fine.

First off the bar seems really close to the surface of my skin (I felt my friends and hers is not). The balls seem indented in my skin and are a little red but not too much where it would be alarming. What really bothered me was it hurt alot yesterday, maybe because its so close to my pants line? It didn't hurt today though. Where the balls hit the bar it is the most apparent part you can feel. However I cannot see the bar through the skin and its not badly bruised. I figure I'll just take it out if it is infected since the next time I could possibly go to my piercer is on Sunday and that might be too late. Any suggestions?

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    Surface piercings reject, it's what they do.

    Just get it out ASAP so that you don't get a nasty scar.

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  • Trish
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    1 decade ago

    Sadly, that area is a surface piercing that is very prone to reject. Navel piercings itself can reject quick, one below that would reject much faster. Your jeans are probably constantly htiting the piercing.

    Signs of rejection are lots of redness, pain, possibly some swelling, you may see more red where the barbell is underneath your skin and you also may see the barbell through the skin.

    I had to take out my nape piercing awhile ago because it was rejecting. Here is a picture of it the day before I took it out -- .. You can see the redness around the holes, plus some from where the bar was. It was a 2 year old piercing and started acting up out of no where one day, and proceeded to get worse.

    But, Sunday is only 3 days away, and you should be fine waiting to see the piercer. It's not the piercers fault it may be rejecting, it's just because that area gets bumped a lot, and it moves a lot too. She or he may be the best piercer in the state, and it still can, and probably will, reject. If it is, you will probably want them to take it out for you. I took my nape one out and it was freaking painful. The piercer has the correct tools and such to get it out while causing little to no pain.

    Hate to say it but if it isn't starting to reject now it probably will soon..

    Maybe if you have to take them out you could see about getting microdermals in that area instead? The rejection rate for those are very little, and I plan on getting one where I retired my nape piercing. I also plan on getting those if my sternum surface piercing ends up rejecting.

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  • leave it a bit....i had a surface piercing that rejected....and you'll know if its rejecting.

    mine got swollen & the skin between the balls got hard&dry...and there was a line running down between the balls.

    if the pain is anywhere except DIRECTLY above the bar, its probably not rejecting, just healing as piercings try to do.

    and the scar wont be that bad if youre sensible about it and take it out when you think, or on sunday.

    clean it by soaking cotton wool in warm, salty water (salty as tears) and putting it over both ends of the piercing - this will draw out infection.

    hope i helped :)

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