Please interpret the poem 'Women's rights' by Annie Louisa Walker...?

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Please be highly descriptive in your interpretation....give it your best shot
Update : here's the poem..... You cannot rob us of the rights we cherish, more
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I’m not going to give it my best shot, but offhand, this reads like an “anti-suffragist” poem – a poem arguing against suffrage (the vote) and political rights for women. So the title “Women’s Rights’ should be read somewhat ironically … the poet’s suggesting that women’s rights aren’t to vote or participate in public life, but to be the angels of the house.

That mission – to be a lovely domestic angel – is the Mission portrayed in women’s hearts.

Women’s “right” is to stand apart from (“aloof”) from the “great world’s harsh strife, and jarring voices” and to stay clear of the “inane abstractions” of politics. In other words, politics is too noisy and argumentative and abstract for the dainty, women’s hearts. (Recall Barbara Bush’s statement that she shouldn’t have to “waste her beautiful mind” looking at pictures of body bags of dead soldiers returning from Iraq.

Women’s right is to live unnoticed and to avoid fame – to live in a smaller, domestic world, and to make that world more beautiful for their families.

It’s an early backlash poem. I assume.
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