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    I take had better take the universe stuffed dumplings , it is cool for it to turn , hot beans spend inevitably , hot stuffed dumplings do something for the occasion the desserts, I remember have shops of florist shop of a beans to give play to the clever thought longing, rejecting the part of the water of soup soup of stuffed dumplings, wipe tea taste getting green light stuffed dumplings, is it have chocolate sauce or peanut caramel to drench, spilling seven color chocolate rice, this kind of stuffed dumplings has Q degree to taste fragrant and sweet, is that I had better eat the most special the universe type stuffed dumplings to eat.

    Because the shop is long she finds that some guests do not like eating the traditional sweet soup stuffed dumplings, so she spends time researching and developing this kind of color and enriching, tasting the the universe type stuffed dumplings with chocolate taste , she say even, only let that wiped several tea raw materials, found this kind and tasted bordering on wiping tea powder of Japan's taste at last, wiping out even can answer sweetly, it is more excellent to is it pay to drench the sauced taste of chocolate.

    Jab the stamps with the toothpick and get up , close eyes , grip, find that still makes cheese inside the small stuffed dumplings, taste salty and sweet and salty and sweet, add to small stuffed dumplings last year? After tea and cheese , put out wiping tea cheese stuffed dumplings of the universe , all super and delicious! ! Let me really want to go to eat once again very much, it's a great pity that her shop is in Taiwan China and Oman!

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