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時尚外觀 提升運動形象 The appearance of vogue

從外型觀察,國產Focus TDCi的車頭與進口車不太一樣,為了提升運動形象,特別加大了下氣壩,並改造霧燈環框,國產版更換上了時尚的後視鏡式方向燈。


五門車款 為玩家設計


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    1 decade ago
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    Fashion appearance Improve sport image The appearance of vogue

    Observe from the appearance, the locomotive and importing the car not quite alike of domestic Focus TDCi, in order to improve the sport image, especially strengthen the angry dam of downing, transform the fog light and surround the frame, the domestic edition of rear-view mirror type indicators changing the fashion even more.

    Install the respect inside, in order to lower costs, four diesel vehicle give up petrol train have AFS headlight turn to the device voluntarily on not allocating, former passenger flat gasbag, electronic skylight, cockpit electronic chair, touch person who accuse of screen and ESP drive a vehicle control system of stabilizing, but getting many domestic car rare One-Touch four electronic window, belong to standard allocate as for 6 CD disc, leather chair, pairs of district thermostatical air conditioner, ABS, EBD.

    Five cars fund Design for the player

    Aim at performance five standard of diesel vehicle, car of player allocate, include sport seat, AFS, pair open skylight, ABS, EBD, ESP and cockpit gasbag.

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  • 陶子
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