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    有一些字字典上沒有唷 報歉唷!

    1. After Mao P'ei processes the casting to complete, the casting must

    use to shake the shell machine to eliminate depilates the mold, again

    uses the high speed cutting off machine 澆道, 澆口 to shut off

    except that. Then remains with the sand attaches 耐火物 spurts

    removes. The casting considers oneself as the inspection after the

    implementation, a use 氫焊 machine 氫焊 way makes up repairs the

    flaw, however 後作 grinds, the heat treatment, but the heat

    treatment has the argon 雰 group gas stove, the vacuum oven and so

    on. The tester has the chemical composition analysis installment

    machine, the tensile testing machine, the sclerometer, the

    fluorescence crack detection inspection installment, the metallurgical

    microscope, dimensional inspection installment and so on

    2. Soaks the thick liquid, drenches the granulated substance to soak

    the thick liquid to drench the granulated substance is refers to the

    use fire-proof material the sacrificial tree gable, like the chart

    eight shows, the general shell mold material mainly is: Coheres the

    medicinal preparation, the fire-proof material, mixing of the thick

    liquid is puts in by 矽 the liquid cement stirs in the barrel, 90%th

    the fireproof powder approximately amount of use put in stirs the mix,

    must control the mud viscosity, the temperature, attaches the

    condition. After the group tree soaks the thick liquid to drench the

    granulated substance number of times to duplicate to the suitable

    intensity then, between the layer the shell mold must completely


    Source(s): dictionary
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