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    What the hell?

    It never even said the equation that god exists.

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    Kris God is a name for something that is nameless. Some sects in the East don't even talk about God because of the ridiculous conflicts in ideology and narrow minded authority however this should not exclude you from exploring insight. Nothing is separate from anything else. The idea that there is some absolutist set of rules or limitations to existence is ridiculous. Once you label yourself you close the door of creative potentially to a vast domain of possibility. For many years I was a youth worker dealing with drug and alcohol, sexual abuse, domestic violence and so on. One recurring them amongst many unhappy youth was their disillusionment with dysfunctional religions and the nihilism of the scientific paradigm. Many were depressed and suicidal and did not want some do gooder trying to rule their lives. My interest is with developing a contemporary meta-theory of insight that young people can understand and find hope in their individuality, intelligence and capacity for love and goodness. To assume there is no higher framework of insight and intelligence beyond primitive human belief systems is totally and completely absurd. Try talking to a young person who has no hope and just abandoning them to atheism. Hopelessness and suicide are on the increase and we need a counter to traditional methods of dealing with unhappiness. Compassion and love lead to dimensions of joy and happiness we can only begin to imagine. Conservation of mass and energy; non-locality or action at a distance; particle wave duality; relativity and the twin paradox; Cantor's paradox; Godel's incompleteness theorem; mathematics of infinity; symmetry violations at the origins of the universe and in the decay of mesons and kaons; the fact that for something objective or subjective to exist it must be absolutely necessary but a necessary part of what?; the enormous time frame for sentient evolution and so on. Do you really think that anyone can make any absolute statements about potentiality. To a non-dualist there is no such thing as birth and death they are simply textures on the fabric of material existence. They are waves on the infinite ocean which is self. Think about this. Fromm the time the universe was immeasurably smaller than an atom (a Plank length and moment) to the present there is no more stuff in existence today than at the origins of the big bang (conservation of mas and energy). The size of the universe is a conceptual experience of relational textures and the notion of empty space is simply a construct of perceptual necessity. We are just not asking the right questions. Infinity is not a human construct. The universe thrusts it upon us. If you can provide a logical and coherent solution to infinity then you are a bloody genius. If not keep searching and discover the real depths of your place in the scheme of things.

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    The guy in the video is doing the same thing everyone else does, he's confusing logic with science. He's perfectly entitled to make the claim, but, as always, the onus is upon him to prove his claim.

    At least he's not making the mistake of some people who believe in God who ask those who believe in the atheist religion to prove the nonexistence of God. Those who make the claim for something must prove its existence, not the other way around.

    The scientific method requires that one provide evidence to support one's conclusion in a manner that permits others to independently verify one's conclusions. He has not done this yet, and the video lacks any evidence whatsoever.

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    You may think that God does not exist. But the fact is that God cannot be seen as it is not meterial. God is a power this power is in Sun which is guiding the entire world. The flaxies and the stars and the universe has been regulated by the power which you may call God or Energy. Our forefathers have taught us that there is some super natural power which we call God. We have in our mind such power which make us think and act in certain order. Think that you cannot make man or woman, but by the process of sex. and not other means. You cannot creat eyes or nose or heart which are working in some predestined routine. So please admit that there is some power which is doing all such things which we cannot do being a humanbeing. I therefore say that God does exist.

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    as an agnostic, id say there are alot of things out there that support or deny gods existence.

    possible evidence of god:

    geometrical patterns, society among insects, the pattern in the design of seashells, and the organization of the galaxies all following the golden ratio, also known as the number 1.618.

    possible evidence that denies god:

    evolution, the relativity between the known species of lifeforms today as compared to those in other times.

    i see that both atheists and believers dismiss him! HAH

    that professor is making 1 tiny assumption that isnt plainly direct. he acknowledges that the physical world is conveniently keeping itself intact and independent altogether(stable because of nature), and because of this, he assumes that god made it this way. CBS... what have you been lowered to?

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    When you stand before God on Judgment Day and you cop the plea that you really didn't know He is real, He will say to you "You have no excuse, for the proof of Me is everywhere!" Then He will cast you into hell and seal the door shut forever.

    From your miserable vantage point in hell, you will be able to see the saved being pampered and living in the mansions He has prepared for us. You will be crying and gnashing your teeth as you rue the day you decided to deny God. You will try to span the chasm that separates you, but you will not be able to.

    Hurry! You are not promised another moment. Read the Holy Bible and find out how to stay out of hell. Once you have breathed your last breath it will be too late. So the time is now while you still have breath. Hurry!

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    Open your eyes and look around!!! All the things in this magnificent world and our wonderfully made bodies are proof of a Loving Creator God...Everything is just so perfectly

    in order and exactly perfect !!!.....But still people will do everything they can to deny the existence of God, including

    making this video segment you linked to............

    it takes a stronger faith to believe in evolution or that there is no God then to believe there is a God, and that the bible is correct and true.... there is a loving God, and his name is NOT Allah!!

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    i think so. is it a coincidence that humans went from nomads to farmers to towns to cities to whole nations. we went from walking to running to horses on wagons to trains to cars and planes. no more than 100 years after they were created Germany and Italy were both part of world wars. it seems as though everything humans do has some type of guidance

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    If you are seriously seeking, please consider reading some of the articles of this Christian astrophysicist, who is a creationist, but an "old earth" creationist, believing the earth is billions of years old, but that the scientific evidence supports the Biblical record that declares Mankind to only be evident in the fossil record beginning from 10,000 to 30,000 years ago.

    He presents overwhelming evidence that life on Planet Earth could not possibly have developed by mere chance.


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    In the eyes of me, I know he is real. We all believed in Santa, right? We actually have PROOF that God is real. Think about how many people have gotten signs from him, messages to people, and so much more. God is 100% real. I am a Catholic, and I know God is real. Think, how else would we be alive, a magical fairy came and zapped a wand and here we are? If you dont want to believe in God, that is your choice, but it is not a very good choice to make. God loves us all, even if you dont believe.

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