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Wrestlers that took drugs in the past and now?

The history of the program's drug offenders include Randy Orton, Joey Mercury, Rene Dupree (two-time offender), Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, Kid Kash, Matt Hardy, Ryan Reeves, Ryan O'Reilly, Balls Mahoney, Drew "Festus Dalton" Hankinson, Andrew "Test" Martin, referee Chris Kay, Jeff Hardy, Chavo Guerrero, Chris Masters (two-time offender), Edge, Funaki, Gregory Helms, Booker T (two-time offender), Charlie Haas, Gene Snitsky, Mr. Kennedy, Umaga, William Regal, John Morrison and Harry "D.H." Smith.

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    Rey Mysterio also! Cena admits but challenges detection!

    All the I haters are misguided, The genetic Jackhammer is the Problem, and now WWE gives Wrestlers 4 strikes, 1 = warning, 2 = 30 days, 3 = 60 days, 4 = fired, If cost of Wellness is required ticket prices will reflect, so cost is a non issue!

    WWE is either claiming Confidentiality or is betting on Fans and the Presses short-term Memory, because November 1, came and went, without amount Suspended qualified!

    Vince said Nine Wrestlers were Suspended, and Vince is the higher Authority, WWE Web didn't qualify the exact number to date, Press releases notated 10, 11, 12, and 13, Wrestlers Suspended, Vince cannot only release Suspensions until he stops, blaming to troublesome!

    Timely on November 2, Masters {talk before was he may have been on his second?} and newcomer Smith were Suspended! Expect book to be closed, with only newcomers Suspended!

    Booker T was the only One, of the top Ten Superstars Suspended, and he Quit! He also was refusing to Stop being King Booker for Vince.

    We Remember, around the time of Vince's Trial for Supplying Wrestlers Steroids, {Acquitted not Exonerated} he Promised the World Steroid testing, and was Steroid Testing back then, then he Quit testing timed with Baseball, {"to troublesome"} when he started his Football League, becoming the "Genetic Jackhammer."

    Raw and ECW ended the Show this week with Vince saying something like "I can do whatever I want!" He can't just "forget about it" this time?

    Busted for Signiture Online Steroids by the FDA was Edge and Orton, Rey and Angle Instigating Steroid in Sports Investigation!

    Dewey Robertson/The Missing Link/Inventer of the Flying Headbutt/RIP- this September, said about Eddie "It's a shame when a Man is required to keep taking Steroids just to keep his job!"

    y2j's return was a Lie, nothing but a Cybered Lie!

    Chris Benoit "Restocked" and "Displayed" his Steroids for a Reason!Years-end Wrestling will reinvent, understanding the Steroids granted the greatest Wrestling!

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    ya so whats your question....maybe you got time to name every football and baseball player as well....every sport has talent taking roids....nothing new....

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