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What does the "M" & "B" stand for in Y=MX+B?

i know what they represent, but what do the letters actually stand for?


THOMAS A: did you even read my question?

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    Those letter are simply arbitrary, they don't actually stand for anything. You could replace with any other letters (other than x or y, of course) and the equation would be exactly the same. In fact, some teachers, instructors, professors do use other letters than m and b.

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    The letters M and B are representative of values and could be just about anything. They are a algebriac expression which represents angles. In your formula the X plane is horizontal and the Y plane is vertical. Because you are using the ordered pairs X and Y I assume that you are working with planes. Consider Y=2X+5 The bar on the plane changes the M/B value as it is moved. X and Y are constants and M and B are variables.

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    M stand for the slope of the line i.e the angle it makes with the X axis measured in anticlockwise direction

    B stands for the the length of the imtercept it cuts with the Y-axis

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    In math, the variable M stands for slope (y2-y1 divided by x2-x1) and the b stands for the y-intercept, which is the coordinate at which the graph of a line intersects the y-axis. (y-axis goes up and down)

    Hope this helps =]

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  • Anonymous
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    The letters don't stand for anything.

    They're just variables.

    If that's what you're asking.

  • Anonymous
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    M means the slope and b is y intercept( where the point hits the line on the y axis!)

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Me a freshmen in gemotry!
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    Amazing how many people don't respond to what you ask - but that doesn't stop them from responding just the same.

    I don't know why we use M and B instead of any other letters.

  • Anonymous
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    m is slope

    b is yintercept

    i guess i didnt read your question either...sorry yeah i dont think they actually stand for anything . i hate math!!

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    I dont know for sure but this might be able to help a little

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    the letters don't stand for anything its just there so its not all xs

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