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what does asl mean?

someone sent me an email saying hi asl.

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    "ASL" is internet chat lingo. It stands for "age, sex, location?" they want to know how old you are, if you're a guy or girl, and where you live... for obvious reasons.

    "ASL" is also an acronym that can stand for:

    ASL Above Sea Level

    ASL American Sign Language

    ASL A Static Lullaby (band)

    ASL About Spanish Language

    ASL Accounting Solutions Limited

    ASL ACPI Source Language

    ASL Acquisition Summary Listing

    ASL Action Specification Language

    ASL Active Speech Level

    ASL Ada Structured Library

    ASL Adapter Scripting Language (programming)

    ASL Adaptive Speed Leveling (US Robotics)

    ASL Adaptive Switch Laboratories, Inc.

    ASL Advanced Simulation Laboratory

    ASL Advanced Software Logic, Inc.

    ASL Advanced Solutions Limited

    ASL Advanced Squad Leader (board game)

    ASL Advanced Squad Leader (Multi-Man Publishing magazine)

    ASL Adventure Seekers Ltd

    ASL Aeronautical Structures Laboratory

    ASL Aeronautical Systems Laboratory

    ASL Affordable Sound and Light

    ASL Aggregate Stop Loss (Insurance industry term)

    ASL Aiken-Augusta Swim League

    ASL Aircraft Services Lemwerder GmbH

    ASL Airway Surface Liquid (physiology)

    ASL Alarm Systems Limited

    ASL Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory

    ASL Albuquerque Soccer League

    ASL Allery Scotts Ltd

    ASL Allowable Supply List

    ASL Alpha Systems Laboratories

    ASL Alternate Storage Location

    ASL Amador Stage Lines, Inc.

    ASL American School of London

    ASL American Scientific Lighting

    ASL American Soccer League

    ASL American Strength Legends

    ASL Amiga Standard Library (UI development)

    ASL Amorphous Silicon Laboratory

    ASL Amwell Services Ltd

    ASL Analyser Sales Ltd

    ASL Analytical Chemistry and Nanosciences Short Lectures

    ASL Anarchist Soccer League

    ASL Anderson Strickler, LLC

    ASL Antenna Software Ltd

    ASL Anti-Saloon League (1893-1933; Ohio)

    ASL Anton Szandor LaVey (High Priest of the Church of Satan)

    ASL Appalachian School of Law

    ASL Application Services Library

    ASL Application-Specific Language

    ASL Applied Science Laboratories

    ASL Applying the Science of Learning

    ASL Appropriation Summary Ledger

    ASL Approval Services Laboratory

    ASL Approved Source List

    ASL Approved Supplier List

    ASL Aquitaine Services Logistique (France)

    ASL archipelagic sea lane (US DoD)

    ASL Architecture Simulation Laboratory

    ASL Arctic Submarine Laboratory (NOSC)

    ASL Armor School Library (Ft Knox, KY, USA)

    ASL Art and Science Laboratory

    ASL Art Students League

    ASL Asia Supreme Life

    ASL Ask Sponsored Listing (online advertising)

    ASL Assault

    ASL Assembler Source Language

    ASL assign switch locator (SL) routing (US DoD)

    ASL Assigned Stockage Level

    ASL Assigned Stockage List

    ASL Assistant Scout Leader

    ASL Assistant Secretary for Legislation

    ASL Association des Sciences du Langage

    ASL Association du Syndrome de Lowe

    ASL Association for Symbolic Logic

    ASL Association pour la Sauvegarde du Léman

    ASL Association Strümpell-Lorrain

    ASL Associations Syndicales Libres

    ASL Astaro Security Linux

    ASL Astro Space Locator (software)

    ASL Atmospheric Sciences Laboratory

    ASL Atmospheric Surface Layer

    ASL Atomic Space Lab (cartoon)

    ASL Audiophile Systems Ltd

    ASL Australasian Suomalaisten Liitto

    ASL Australian Society for Limnology

    ASL Authorised Signatory List

    ASL Authorized Stock(age) List

    ASL authorized stockage list (Army)

    ASL Auto Service Leasing

    ASL Autobacs Sportscar Laboratory, Co, Ltd

    ASL Automatic Sound Levelizer

    ASL Autonomous Script Language

    ASL Autonomous Systems Lab

    ASL Aviation Support and Logistics

    ASL Avionics System LAN

    ASL Azienda Sanitaria Locale

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    Hi In Asl

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    1 decade ago

    asl means age, sex, location.. so in a chatroom or whatev someone will say hey, asl? to know how old you are , if you're a girl or guy, and where you live.

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    ASL is Age/sex/location, abbreviation in Internet chat jargon.

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    1 decade ago

    In chat rooms Age Sex Location

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    asl = age, sex, location

    generally used in chat rooms

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    It stands for age,sex, location

    Source(s): please remember to be careful who you give your personall information to.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well ASL=American Sign Language, but other than that i can only guess that it means asshole, im not sure though, so dont take my word on it

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    Age Sex Location.....


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    I like how about 15 bazillion people answered.

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    Accurate answers, but where's the advice to NOT give this information to anyone on the internet?

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