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What is the length of the aec intercepted on a circle of radius 5.1 feet, by a central angle of 98 degrees?

need to know how to do it... I can't figure it out! tnkss

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    This is a trick question as everyone know the aec is preceded by the rundmc with a cross sectioned inxs and acdc. This all coincides with the heat of the meat to make the perfect blueberry muffin.

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    Answer is:

    Calculate circumference of circle with radius of 5.1 ft (diameter = 2 * radius)

    Divide by 360 degrees

    Multiply by 98.

    ie C = pi * Diameter = 3.141592 * (5.1 * 2)

    (C / 360) * 98

    = 8.72 ft

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