who was held prisoner?

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    just to name a few - from Wikipedia

    * Floyd James Thompson - America's longest-held POW; he spent 9 years in POW camps in Vietnam (1964 - 1973)

    * Ali Akbar Abotorabi Fard- Iranian cleric , was a POW in Iraq imposed war against Islamic Republic of Iran for more than 10 years

    * Ron Arad - Israeli fighter pilot, shot down over Lebanon in 1986. Rumored to be in Iran, he is widely presumed dead.

    * Douglas Bader - British leg-less fighter pilot, squadron commander in Battle of Britain

    * Leonard Birchall - The "Saviour of Ceylon"

    * Fernand Braudel - the famous historian, was a POW in World War II.

    * Winston Churchill - during the Second Boer War; escaped

    * John Cordwell - forged documents to help fellow English soldiers get out of Germany as part of the Great Escape

    * Charles de Gaulle - French general and political leader, captured at Verdun, POW 1916-18

    * Jeremiah Denton - Awarded the Navy Cross for resistance in captivity during the Vietnam War

    * Roy Dotrice - British actor

    * Werner Drechsler - killed by fellow German POWs during WWII for informing on other prisoners

    * Weary Dunlop - an Australian surgeon and legend among prisoners of the Thai Burma Railway in WWII

    * Yakov Dzhugashvili - Joseph Stalin's first son, was captured by Germans during WWII and killed in 1943.

    * Denholm Elliott - British actor

    * Henri Giraud - French general, escaped German captivity in both World War I and WWII

    * Ehud Goldwasser - One of two Israeli soldiers captured by Hezbollah in 2006, sparking the 2006 Lebanon War.

    * Ernest Gordon - Author of "To End All Wars" and former Presbyterian Dean of Princeton University chapel

    * E.R. (Bon) Hall - Australian Officer, prisoner of the Thai Burma Railway in WWII

    * James Hargest - New Zealand politician

    * Heinrich Harrer & Peter Aufschnaiter - escaped from India to Tibet

    * Erich Hartmann - "The Blond Knight of Germany"

    * Rudolf Hess - acted as Adolf Hitler's deputy in the Nazi Party

    * Bob Hoover - American WWII pilot, test pilot and airshow performer; captured in 1944 and escaped from Stalag Luft 1

    * Wilm Hosenfeld - most remembered for saving Polish pianist and composer Władysław Szpilman from death in the ruins of Warsaw.

    * Alija Izetbegovic - President of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was held as hostage for several days by JNA forces during the Bosnian War

    * Andrew Jackson - Seventh President of the United States, captured in the American Revolutionary War as a thirteen-year old courier

    * Stanley D. Jaworski - Polish POW freed by American soldiers

    * Harold K. Johnson - U.S. Army Chief of Staff 1964; captured at Bataan (1942-45)

    * Arthur Koestler - interned in a camp for enemy aliens at the beginning of World War II

    * Tikka Khan - Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan Army

    * Yahya Khan - last president of a united Pakistan

    * Tadeusz Bór-Komorowski - Commander of the Polish Home Army, and in the Warsaw Uprising

    * Gustav Krist - Adventurer and traveler, Austrian soldier in WWI, captured by Russians in 1914. Interned in Russian Turkestan

    * Desmond Llewelyn – went on to a notable acting career, most famously as Q in the James Bond film series

    * Jessica Lynch

    * Keith Matthew Maupin - captured on April 9, 2004, STILL MISSING IN ACTION

    * Charles Cardwell McCabe - a prisoner and chaplain at Libby Prison during the American Civil War

    * John McCain - American political leader, captured in Vietnam

    * Olivier Messiaen - French composer

    * Dusty Miller - Executed for his faith during internment under the Japanese in Thailand in 1945.

    * François Mitterrand - French president, captured during WWII in 1940, escaped 6 times before arriving home in Dec. 1941

    * W. H. Murray - Scottish mountaineer

    * Airey Neave - British politician

    * A. A. K. Niazi - commander of Pakistan Army in East Pakistan who surrendered along with nearly 93,000 prisoners

    * Manuel Noriega - Ex-Panamanian dictor captured by US troops in 1990 then jailed for drugs trafficking offences. Only detainee in held by US authorities presentally designated as a POW by the federal government.

    * Friedrich Paulus - German field marshal, surrendered Stalingrad to the Soviets in 1943; outspoken critic of Hitler

    * Eldad Regev - One of two Israeli soldiers captured by Hezbollah in 2006, sparking the 2006 Lebanon War.

    * Patrick Reid - non-fiction/historical author

    * Yevgeny Rodionov - Russian soldier captured by rebel forces in Chechnya and executed by beheading for refusing to convert to Islam

    * Jerry Sage - OSI agent - WWII - Steve McQueen character was loosely based on him in the movie "The Great Escape"

    * Jean-Paul Sartre - French philosopher and writer, POW 1940-41

    * Kazuo Sakamaki - First POW captured by U.S. forces in World War II

    * Ronald Searle - English cartoonist

    * Léopold Senghor - Senegalize writer and political leader, captured 1940 in France

    * Gilad Shalit - Israeli soldier whose capture in 2006 sparked Israel's war against Hamas and later Hezbollah

    * William Stacy - lieutenant colonel of the Continental Army, captured during the Cherry Valley massacre; General George Washington attempted to orchestrate a prisoner exchange for Lt. Col. Stacy[18] but was unsuccessful.

    * James Stockdale - candidate for Vice President in 1992; decorated member of the U.S. Navy; POW in Vietnam

    * Ronald E. Storz - Vietnam War prisoner who showed exceptional bravery and toughness despite horrible conditions and treatment. Inspired others towards perseverance and courage. Died in captivity.

    * E W Swanton - captured by Japanese in Singapore; after war, was renowned BBC sports commentator.

    * Josip Broz Tito - president of Yugoslavia, Austrian soldier in WWI, captured by Russians in 1915

    * Mikhail Tukhachevsky - Soviet military leader and theorist, captured by Germans in WWI

    * Charles Upham - Awarded the Victoria Cross twice.

    * Laurens van der Post - South African writer and war hero, captured by Japanese 1942

    * Walther von Seydlitz-Kurzbach - German anti-Nazi general captured at Stalingrad by Soviets

    * Kurt Vonnegut - American writer; captured in the Battle of the Bulge and witnessed the Bombing of Dresden in World War II

    * Jonathan Wainwright - Commanding General US forces in Philippines; captured at Bataan (1942-1945)

    * D.C. Wimberly - POW in WWII from Springhill, Louisiana, past commander of American Ex-Prisoners of War

    * Louis Zamperini - American athlete, member of Olympic team, captured by Japanese 1943

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    11 Year Old Was Held Prisoner at Abu Ghraib.

    Shame on you BUSH!

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    Edmond Dantes

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    Julius Caesar, abducted by Mediterranean pirates sometime in the middle of his career.

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