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Traditional South African Christmas recipes?

Hi, My new Sister-In-Law is from South Africa and this will be the first Christmas we celebrate together and I would LOVE

to surprise her with something from her home country.

Can you help? Thanks in advance!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Try this one

    Pumpkin Fritters, Traditional South African Recipe

    4 servings 12 fritters 30 min 30 min prep

    2 cups cooked pumpkin, dry (see note below)

    1/2 cup all-purpose flour

    1/2 teaspoon salt

    1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

    2 teaspoons baking powder (not soda)

    2 tablespoons granulated sugar

    2 large eggs

    oil (for frying)

    cinnamon sugar, if used

    Put all the dry ingredients in a processor.

    If not using a processor, put in a mixing bowl, and mix well.

    Add the eggs, and process well until a thick batter forms -- or mix well in the mixing bowl. The batter should almost hold its shape when tested with a spoon.

    If the batter is too stiff, add a tiny amount of milk. If by any chance it is runny, add more flour (shouldn't happen!).

    Heat oil in a pan, using medium to high heat to start with.

    Scoop up heaped tablespoons of batter, and drop into pan, but not too close together. You won't have huge fritters as some of the batter will stay clinging to the spoon.

    Fry until firm and golden on the underside, then flip over and fry on other side.

    (You could use a non-stick pan and not use oil or butter, but a little oil is preferable).

    The fritters will puff up slightly and keep their shape, but will deflate a bit as you take them out of the pan. To test for doneness, press very lightly on the fritters. When done, they will tend to spring back. If still uncertain, press harder: no batter should run out the sides.

    Serve warm, either as a side dish, or as a dessert with plenty of crunchy cinnamon-flavoured sugar.

    NOTE 1: The pumpkin MUST be dry. We do not have canned pumpkin in South Africa, and would use home-cooked pumpkin. Whatever: drain very well, or cook the pumpkin in a pot without a lid until all water has evaporated.

    NOTE 2: I do not know if your canned pumpkin is sweetened. If so, don't add sugar -- it's your choice.

    NOTE 3: I specified yellow sugar, which Zaar's format does not recognise. Use brown or white if no yellow granulated sugar available.

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  • hutt
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    4 years ago

    Oh my, its all approximately Stalk the Lantern, we could not youngster around, what South African toddler doesnt remeber this game from their college days? merely problem is that it must be performed at evening...i'm a instructor and that i can enable you realize this game works so properly at campouts or over evening journeys. extremely in case you dont understand the way it extremely works, somebody is going and hides interior the bush by way of a tree with a lantern or a torch, yet like some distance away, and then the class has to locate the lantern and creep up on the tree without the guy by way of the tree seeing them...its spectacular exciting, and has that little touch of scariness while its pitch black with the little gentle style the latern. yet another sturdy one is Blind mans Bluff, I dont understand approximately it being proudly South African, yet its additionally a lot of exciting. surprisingly a lot the toddlers would be blindfolded and then will desire to stay with a skinny piece of string interior the process the bush or in spite of vegatation you have occurring aorund you. Hmmm i'm going to think of roughly it some greater, those are the two surprisingly outdoorsy so perhaps i can think of of something which would be much less puzzling for you. i think all of it merely relies upon the place in SA you're speaking approximately, I advise I actual have carried out some artwork in township colleges and the super element there became this soccer style game, the place you stand in a circle and have 2 people interior the midsection. the exterior people would desire to kick the ball to their acquaintances next to them or around the circle and the interior people would desire to get it from them. Kinda like a Piggy interior the midsection style of vibe. desire those help slightly. Oh I remebered yet another one, dont understand approximately it being South African returned, yet Stinger...this became consistently performed while i became a toddler. not a lot anymore by means of fact it may be called too dnagerous or something. extremely the toddlers stand in a line against a wall or randomly against a wall after which you have yet another youngster throwing a tennis ball at them, attempting to sting them with it (ok it does sound slighly risky now that i'm typing it lol) and the object is to circumvent the ball. If it hits you you're out, or you alter into the thrower or somthing like that. greater video games often performed could be open gates and Sharkie sharkie or wolfie wolfie - for a lot youthful toddlers. in case you prefer to renowned what they are approximately merely ask;)

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  • Click the following link-it will give you all sorts of traditional South African Recipes. You can browse through them to see which one's sound good according to yours and her liking! Good luck!

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