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Got Cheating.....?

There's a question on here that goes: "How difficult is snooker compared to pool as in billiards"....the person who got best answer had 3 bad votes...but 2 votes @67%...there was a person who had 4 good votes with 1 bad...he didn't win it....so what I'm asking is, how the hell does something like that happen??...I think someone's cheating on here or something...no, I'm not taking this thing too serious...just think it's funny how sh*t like this happens.......=P....DreO

**OH, AND I ALSO THINK IT'S FUNNY HOW when you're posting your question, it tells you.. "please do not use ALL CAPS. It's rude."..this is the frickin' computer!..who the hell gets offended by someone using CAPS??!! sh*t's getting dumber and dumber.........lmmfao

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    The voting & ratings system is very different.

    You get ratings usually from the other answerers on that question, & votes come from people who go to the Vote section to vote on multiple questions for some extra points.

    There are also answerers who vote for themselves, & yes, some of them DO cheat & use email to tell their friends which answers to vote on. I've seen it done many times.

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    THUMBS have absolutely nothing to do with who gets chosen as Best Answer. They are for expressing an opinion only. The Best Answer is chosen by actually VOTING, which is an entirely separate process.

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    this happens when the question goes to a public vote

    just beacuse it has thumbs up for the asker to go by doesn't mean in vote users all go by it to give best answer

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