How can I get my money back for PC game that was opened and is not compatable with my computer?

My son bought a PC game that is not compatible with my computer? We tried to install it only to find that the requirements were printed on the back in the smallest print and in the lighted color that is was almost impossible to read it. I took it back to Wal-mart to return it but of course they wouldn't let me return it. I tried some of the game stores around town but no one buys PC games. Does anyone have a suggestion on getting my money back. Do you think if I make a big fit at the store and talk to the manager it might work? It is really frustrating because my son bought it with his bday money and it cost 50 dollars. Serious suggestions only please. Thank you for your help.


The game is Two Worlds. I thought about exchanging it and then returning it, but I know someone that did that before and they cut the seal again so you are leaving again with an opened game. Thanks for all the help.

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    Take it back to Walmart and complain; you're not the first person to have been caught out by fine print and they have an obligation to make it legible. If you want to sell it, sell it fast because pre-owned games depreciate like crazy and it will only be worth $15 a few weeks from now (that's why I always buy used games).

    You definitely have a legitimate complaint and I would have expected Walmart to at least offer an exchange if not a refund.

    Walmart is a huge company and they should know very well by the fact that thousands of people keep trying to return games for the same reason as you that they need to make the label <<BIGGER>> so that people who might not know to check the system requirements actually read it.

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    There's really no way for you to get a refund. You can thank software pirates for this. The fact is that it's really easy to copy games and then get a cd key for the game, so stores just assume that people are returning the game after they made a copy of the game.

    Just cut your loss and put it on an auction site or ask your son if he knows any friends that might be interested in buying the game.

    You can make a fit all your want, but it's not going to do anything.

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    First off: Could you tell us what game it is, and what condition it is in? You say it is unopened, does that mean that the sticker seal is still on it?

    Also, I don't think you should make a big fit at the store because I'm pretty sure that the manager won't stretch any laws for you to return it

    Last note: If you're going to sell it online, I recommend Amazon because you don't have to pay to post the item, (like you have to do with Ebay), instead, you just wait for someone to buy your item.

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    Do you not know how to you now know what kind of computer you have....Next time before you buy a game for your comp. check out the compatibilaties. the game you bought probably sucks anyways.......


    Ummmmm....take it back they should take it back but will probably charge you 20% restocking fee or something. If you bought it from best buy they should take it back. Of if all fails just sell it on Ebay...maybe you'll at least get like $20 for it.

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    Try to go to a different walmart and say that the disk is deffective, and that it does not work at all.

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    Put it on Ebay or Craigslist

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