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madonna piercing?

does the madonna piercing hurt? i want to get it down? it looks like it hurts. (expiernce people).

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    its not exactly the same but.. I have the bottom of my lip pierced..its the same sort of skin, so I guess it would be similar..

    For those types of piercing, what normally happens is firstly, they put some kind of numbing spray on the outside, which is good but not great. then you have an anesthetic spray on the inside. The spray REALLY numbs your mouth (and for about 1 hour after, I had to go to the haidressers after, she couldnt tell a word i was saying!). So after all this, it really doesnt hurt that much.

    A madonna piercing is in thinner skin too, so should be better.

    Youll be fine!! :)

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    all piercings hurt when you get them, you are punching a hole in the skin. Then they might be a little sore for a day or 2, but just like any cut or other skin irritation, the pain goes away.

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    It did hurt, but only for a split second and not nearly as much as I thought it was going to.

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    well i think it depends on your tolerance for pain.. some people say it hurts some dont i personally think it might be a rough spot because think about it look where its at

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